Ned's Batch 4 Build

Received my Batch 4 kit!!! set up my 3d printer a few months ago in preparation to print some of the modifications from the Community! Can’t wait!

First step is to clear my workbench…Done!

And unpack the box.

Started building the legs and bottom plate and noticed that everything is cut so precise that they are too tight to fit together. The build video shows everything just snapping together. But I’m going to have to sand or file all the leg pieces to get it to fit.


Which parts are you having to sand?

I got my v4 this week as well and started assembling (base w/ legs + 2 arms completed). So far the carbon fiber parts have perfect friction fit as advertised although it did take some patience/finesse/convincing in some of it - but once they align just right they almost snap together and feel firm.

But it looks like I will have to sand the 3D printed tubing connectors as they appear to be about .5-.6 mm thicker than the inner diameter of the tubing. It seems like too much of a difference to be printing variance.


I’ve just tried putting the legs and base plate together but was unable to get them to “snap” in like in the build video. It just seems like all the slots and tabs are just a hair to tight. I’ve seen recommendations here in the community to sand all the carbon pieces since they can have sharp edges so I am planning on sanding all of them anyway, hopefully that is all it needs.

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With the tolerances this tight is it possible ambient air temp or humidity affects the parts so much? Even altitude? What type of climate are you in?

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I’m building a batch 4 for a friend and his was pretty tight too. First I put all the screws where they go and then gave it some really gentle taps with a rubber mallet to get them fully seated.

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I also use gentle taps with a rubber mallet, to get a nice snug fit.

Thanks guys, Rubber mallet worked great. Definitely a snug fit.

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I got my kit yesterday and started building it too.
It seems that I also need to sand all the 3D printed tubing connectors. I was wondering if I could use aceton or something to smooth these up. Has anyone tried that?
These parts feel like ABS plastic, can anyone confirm if they are ABS?

They are PLA, as for sanding i would make sure your tubes are nice and open sometimes the ends can get pushed in from the factory so make sure they are the correct profile at the ends and they should fit on nicely.

You are right. That was the problem, the tubes were a little flattened from the middle of the end. I realized that soon after writing about it here :smiley:
I bent the tubes back nicely open and indeed, they fit now nicely.

The hoop connectors (3D printed parts) are actually the right size, but there is a technique for fitting them in. You need to put the hoop (aluminum extrusion) at an angle to the 3d part to get the outside of the extrusion onto the edge of the 3D printed part, and then push it in while shimmying it back and forth. They do fit.

Do you have a list of the mods you’re printing up? I so, would you minds sharing the list and links to the files?

I dont have a list, look at GliderPilot’s build. I’m planning the Switches for sure, and the hinge stops. They have already implemented several of his other ideas into Batch 4 I see.

I haven’t been able to work on this much, but I finally got some more time this weekend, I got the first Arm put together. I saw from some of the other builds that the standoffs in the hoop connector pieces weren’t threaded deep enough, but I didn’t notice any problem. Mine went right together I did however notice that I did not have enough of the 30mm m3 bolts to put them all together. Kit only had 8 and will require 16.

And here is the completed leg assembly

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Do you have any pictures of the Batch 4 you built? specifically the wiring?

I wired his batch 4 the same way as I wired my batch 2.


Thanks, that’s perfect, I had to put my project on hold due to a family emergency. But my batteries showed up and got me started working on it again. I just ordered my harness and the resister you recommended for your anti-spark switch. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get it all put together, Maybe I’ll even get to fly before it gets to cold :smiley:


Did you redesign the Harness Standoffs (Top Corners)?

Yes, did I not post the files to my thread? I can.

I didn’t see it. It also looks like you have a new 4-way connector for the grounds? Do you have any other upgrades worth printing while I finish this up?