Mode switching in flight

Finally got a few flights in with the controller firmware @zjwhitehead has been working on to switch modes in flight. Basically once the controller is armed, a couple second off throttle hold of the button (similar to cruise but you have to be OFF throttle) will switch modes sport/chill and vise versa. So far everything has worked flawlessly. It’s been a real advantage for me to take off in sport mode and then switch to chill when I’m casually cruising around up high. When I want to play low I just switch back to sport on the float down to keep some extra power on hand in case of whatever. I’m a heavier pilot, so I don’t climb that fast in chill mode. I think this will be a great tool for most pilots. The only thing I’ve seen (that was a mistake by me) is that you have to be conscious of where your A lines are when checking line tension and takeoff. I accidentally changed once on accident but the controller vibrated and told me. I am using the firmware on the newer controller (usb-c port).

Anywho I hope you guys enjoy!


I shared a couple videos that I cannot share here in posts on the SP140 page on facebook.

Yep. Been flying with that firmware for a few flights now and I love it!!

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Hmm, I must be doing something wrong. When I plug in the battery the controller reads 5.6R, so I’m on the latest firmware. However, holding the button while armed but off the throttle is not changing the mode. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I hold the button, nothing happens. Am I missing something?

5.6 does not have in-flight mode switching. It’s in the 5.7 Beta which is available through the GitHub link immediately below both 5.6 releases in the configurator.

@skduncan560 , I think your wrong on that. I had it on mine with 5.6 update, before my throttle bricked. I only tested it while hooked up to usb cable/ laptop, but it was there, along with cruise control function.

Thx for the replies y’all. I’ll look at the configurator when I get a chance. Maybe next week.

He’s right, it was added in 5.7Beta1. Previous to that you had to hold down the button during bootup to change modes. See the Github notes: Releases · openppg/eppg-controller · GitHub

@skivvie, I don’t know how it was there, but it was there, while I was still hooked up on USB to laptop. Along with the cruise function. Neither was there before I updated to 5.6. As soon as I disconnected and connected to battery, esc, throttle bricked.

5.6 didnt have that feature but the good news is that 5.7 links have now been added to the config tool!
Its the same as the beta so no need to update if you have that.
5.7 also fixes vibration on older chips. Update away


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That was my first question. If it changed at all from the beta.