Max weight for OpenPPG

I am curious as to whether OpenPPG would work with my weight. I am a 240lb, 6’2” beginner with an Apco Thrust V just looking to get off the ground. Anyone my size flying one? Thanks,

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Loved the video and that is what got me thinking about max weight. I guesstimate that your wing loading was around 12 lb per square meter with low density altitude and minimal wind (with an experienced pilot). All of which seems encouraging for heavier loads. I am a 240 pound beginner and will be flying at around 10 pounds per square meter on beach winds on warm days. From your experience, can you give me your subjective guess sense of whether an OpenPPG is a realistic option for me?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Mark G

Hi i just linked the video for you

there are a lot other videos in the forum to get a feeling what is possible, i thought that one i sendet to you is the most impressive regarding heavy loads.

The videos are here

Better ask the producer of the tandem video

Nic antonnacio - the link is locatet over the video…

All the best