We did a tandem with OpenPPG

Using a Velocity Core 42 wing


4 bats used?

Yep, 4 Bonka Batteries

Two persons, huge wing, 5 min flight - did you notice what the voltage was at when you landed?

We had 59% left and flew it again today without any additional charging, but the batteries weren’t totally charged when we started yesterday

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Nice flight Nick. You should perhaps adjust your spreader-bars to let you see over the passenger. Also, I could not see a tandem rescue chute connected to the spreader-bars. Would be a good thing to carry one onboard perhaps, preferably a system that deflates your wing automatically upon deployment because tandem wings are nearly impossible to collapse by manually pulling the lines. Not that that it would you do any good below 500’ but always good to have, at least for peace of mind;-) Be safe!

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: We took a low flight at an altitude at which a reserve wouldn’t have been usable, and we wanted to keep the weight down to a minimum. Tandem bars set up in this configuration get the passenger off the ground more quickly, which makes it a lot easier to launch with less power :wink:

Excellent accomplishment!
Your effort took a lot of thought, and probably some fabrication and hang testing.
Not sure if this is the 1st Tandem Electric, But it will definitely not be the last.
Thanks for taking Electric PPG to the next level!

Thanks John, we’ve got to get together the East coast OpenPPGers for an electric powered cross country when the current batch of machines is ready!

BTW, we were both just shy of 200 lbs each, with thick winter clothing layers, battery powered gloves, heavy boots, etc. Ryan has made some feature changes to my machine, to hold batteries and wires in place, for example, but nothing to affect thrust or geometry. We did a 30 second hang check, using the exact same configuration on the OpenPPG as for solo flight, then hooked in and flew in normal conditions (typical late afternoon with light wind), with the stock tandem wing and bars I typically use.

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awesome - really excited to see that the openPPG even lifted both of you!!

too bad that I neither have tandem gear nor the proper license :frowning: