Looking for used X4 in europe

Hi there,

Please let me know if someone is selling an assembled X4 unit including batteries from within europe (importing one myself somehow makes me nervous).

I am located in Austria and would like to use the X4 for short flights / training and for starting to thermal flights.

Thanks and best regards, Clemens

hello, please note the rules for ppg. just a good hint. there can be very high penalties for flying illegal in austria.


I am also from austria and did ask the aeroclub if the x4 is legal usable here, i did not find out why it should not be possible to use it if it is not to loud or to heavy.

That there are 4 electric motors and litium batteries should not be the problem as i have heared from a guy that makes the noise tests for the aeroclub.

Also the 100 volt of the new model should be no problem…

But you are the expert

what are the main reasons that these 2 machines will not be able to be used legal in austria?

hi, may I ask which ppg system you are currently flying or what experience pg and ppg is available? It is therefore important that I know what technical knowledge is available in aviation in order to explain it clearly. regards


I have since 28 years the sonderpilotenschein

I did never fly with any motor till now

I fly mainly at hohe wand near vienna or in salzburg pinzgau where i learnet to fly

I am also skydiving since 26 years, i know that flying with motor was very restricted in austria a long time.

But as i informed myself about drone flying and the regulations im austria i did many phonecalls with aeroclub and austrociontrol and i found out how much better the situation is today compared to how it was 10 years ago.

I also tryed to find out if the 4 motorconcept is possible to get registratet to fly it legal and got the info that the mainquestion is the max. Dezibel in different distances no matter how many motors no matter if electric or gasoline.

I did not try it but i was sure i can registrate that machine, what is missing is the manual from the builder with service details and the certification that my canopy is good for the use with the machine.

Both last points should be possible to solve with some help from the builders…

They told me they will sign that my canopy is good for the usage with theyr machine

Thank you for your knowlege

I only fly legal - or i fly not - need the insurance coverage …

Think last chance could be an experimental registration at least that…

All the best

So this thread has been more or less hijacked - can we rename it to “OpenPPG legal in Austria?” and move it to the appropriate section?

…or we just pick up the original purpose again.

I own the X4 OpenPPG, batch 3. built my own battery with 18650 cells, and I am located near Hannover/Germany (going often to Austria for free-flying).

The battery is a 13S20P setup.
I shared the build process with lot’s of photos here: 13S15P Battery Pack Build

and the upgrade later with a new aluminum case here: Follow up post: Case for 13S20P Li-Ion Battery Pack

Let me know if you want to know more.

I did not have any plans of selling my unit. But honestly, I am not flying it very often, so I guess if the price is right, everything is for sale :slight_smile:

What would you be willing to offer?

Feel Free to DM me.

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