Is a DIY pack cost effective today?

Is a diy battery build still cost effective?
I was pricing some Molicel 21700 P45B 4500mAh 45A cells for 8.15$ a cells (is is cheaper somewhere else?) – coming to $2151.00 to build a pack like these OpenPPG sells at 2199.00. And that was the Bats only, no case and BMS?


Set up a patreon to purchase your cells…

Well that is an interesting idea – but I am not a charity case and I dont mean that in a negative way.

Yeah I was initially excited about the Molicel P45B, but haven’t been as interest seeing the price of the cells just doesn’t justify the slightly improved performance and reduced internal resistance. I’ll just keep waiting for the next battery tech to hit the market. I’d pay 8.15 $ a cell if it had 6000+ mah and similar discharge performance to the P45B.

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If you’re interested I’m selling my setup here:

Available for infos