Selling 25KW Motor + 42 inch Carbon Prop + 28s 500A ESC + 3x7s Battery Banks (21s 45Ah)

Hello Guys!

I’m selling all my test equipment. Actually I’ve done several testing to build an EV, in this case a powerful paramotor. After successfully accomplishing first steps (and most interesting) I’ve finished my time for this project and moved on.

I sell everything to someone that:
.first have knowledge of what to do, I don’t assume any responsibility;
.second have more time than me!


25KW MP120100 55KV Freerchobby w/ Hall Sensors


28S 500A

3D printed protection and control board support


42inch CW Carbon Fiber


3x packs each 7s (total of 21s in series)

Total of 21s 15p → 45Ah nominal

Each battery have Balancer connector, Charge connector and Series connector

Resistor plug to avoid “Spark” during connection


ISDT Q8 Max with Cell-Balancer

32V 1200W Power Supply Unit

Two video in action /w sound:

Test without Load:

Test at 130Ah:

Connectors XT60, AS250. Cables 8AWG and 12AWG. Best EU materials.

I don’t sell any of this component alone, it’s a “bundle” offer!


Motor 290 euro
Propeller 135 euro
ESC 490 euro
Q8 + PSU 165 euro
Batteries 400 euro each (1200 euro total)

Price is 2280 euro w/o shipping. I ship in every country.

I want to clarify that this is price that I’ve paid for materials, some prices are without VAT and Customs (that I’ve paid). In short I’m not earning a cent for this material (instead I’m loosing some hundreds) and a lot of work hours dedicated.

Want to sell this material to avoid it’s ageing in my closet.

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