Iris Swing Arms

Thank you for posting.

I did not receive any hardware with the swing arms for mounting the arms to the frame. I understand that you are advising against replacing the bolts in the riser offsets with stainless. Are you also saying that I should have used zinc plated instead of stainless bolts for mounting the arms to the frame?

Hello, we do not include hardware for mounting to the frame because every frame has its own mounting types that require different lengths of bolts and some require nuts while others have embedded threads in the frame itself.

As I said above, stainless bolts are about half the strength of zinc plated alloy steel fasteners. It’s always best to use them especially if the bolt size you went with is 8mm.

Would 10M grade 5 titanium bolts be OK for the swing arms?

I imagine you would want to avoid titanium bolts. To my knowledge they have similar strength, but on hard impact, the titanium will shatter while the steel bends and absorbs it.

This is how aluminum behaves, not titanium. You can bend titanium back though it will be weakened.

I think a steel bolt is fine, why titanium?

I moved the main biner straps back behind the black clamp