Iris Swing Arms

No you won’t have to thread the hole for the bolt to fit. I bought multiple M10 bolts and they all fit through the swing arm with no force and no wiggle. Maybe you grabbed the wrong size ?

It’s interesting you say that. I could’ve sworn I ordered 8mm arms, but when I got mine the holes were way too big for the stock 8mm bolts. I figured they just shipped the wrong size and at that point I was kind of glad to have the bigger size anyhow. But when I got 10mm hardware, the bolt was just barely too big for the arm. I ended up reaming out the bushing a little to fit the bolt through. I thought it was just a one-off or a me-problem, but maybe not?

Thanks for the replies y’all

I tried multiple m10 bolts. It’s just too small. But 3/8 fits pretty well.

The scenario Skduncan560 describes is exactly my scenario. I ordered m8. The arms I received are way big for m8, but a hair small for m10.

I have a 3/8 stainless in there now and I drilled the frame for the 3/8 bolt. So I think I’m gonna leave it alone for now.

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So you both ordered 8m iris arms? What did Dmitri say about it?… I ordered the 10m arms and the 10mm bolts fit perfectly. I can’t speak for the 8m arms.

Three days ago I received the arms and discovered the M8 bolts didn’t fit. I assumed he probably sent the M10 arms instead. Deciding to keep them and drill the frame, I went to several stores, but couldn’t find M10 in stainless, only zinc.

I spoke to Dimitri briefly about using a 3/8 stainless temporarily. He didn’t exactly recommend it, but said it would be ok. The 3/8ths bolt fit well in the arms, so that’s what I drilled the frame for. I was expecting to drill for M10 once I found appropriate bolts. I flew that night and the following morning without issue.

The next day I found some M10 stainless bolts and figured out that they do not fit the arms. I then tried calling Dimitri back, but only got voicemail, so I have not spoken to him since I figured out that the arms I received do not fit M8 or M10. I can only speculated as to why these arms comfortably fit 3/8ths, but neither M8 or M10. Nevertheless, it’s interesting that someone else here described the same scenario.

Somebody got a 3/8 bit in their 10 mm bin by mistake. Probably a whole run of 10 mm arms with 3/8 holes. Dang, now you got to carry SAE and metric tools for your PPG

I ordered the arms with M8 holes, but they’re too big for M8 bolts, and too small for M10 bolts. So I made very thin bushings out of some scrap sheet metal to fill in the gap so the M8 bolts fit without any slop.

Sounds like the m10 arms are the way to go.

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Yes, if I had it to do over again I would follow your original advice and get the 10mm.

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Interestingly, the Iris Paramotor site now lists 3/8" as the “recommended” option for their swing arms.

That is weird. Recommend for what? Their frames maybe?? It used to say different models of frames not sizes on the drop down. I still think the bigger 10m would be stronger and better for the SP140. I have seen some people shear their bolts from acro.