I want a 96 Volt system

At 96V and 100 amps, everything would better with respect to wire size, heat, etc. If we had ESC’s to control them. If you use 4-12S batteries, the weight is the same at 96V.


That would be better in terms of wiring but you would have to find an appropriate motor to handle 96V.
I been looking in to the Rotomax 150CC Its more than enough power for eppg and you would likely only use around 50% throttle.
Rotomax 150CC specs: 14cell, 51.8V, 190A, 150KV, 9800Wh.
one Youtuber built a fiberglass reinforced foam airplane and managed to fly with 2 of them with what looked like 18 or 20inch props.

Did you ever pursue using the Rotomax 150CC for a single prop ePPG? I am thinking of doing the same thing.

general information: there are certainly more than a hundred projects worldwide since 2010 with the 150cc engine in cellars or garages and are not airworthy. you can learn from people who have the knowledge to eppg or collect the experience yourself. make yourself experiences is mostly pretty expensive that the 150cc eppg yes can not be used. You can see it very clearly in youtube. There is not a single video of a 150cc that shows enough power to fly properly. Just flying from a mountain with noise like some do with 150cc is not an eppg. eppg means you can start from flat ground and gain altitude or fly in the level.

What shouldn’t be forgotten is that in the automotive industry above 60vDC and below 1500vDC the system is considered “High Voltage”. This really means that extra precautions have to be taken when working with the system not only for short circuiting the system but also yourself to the system…

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Well, what’s about safety at that voltage if the accident on water occurs? Not saying that the 48…52V is healthy, buy 96 is kinda killing…

I haven’t got a chance to build anything yet as im trying to get a small machine shop setup.
Honestly i’m a fairly light adult something just under powered for a 200lbs+ person might be more than enough for me. if it doesn’t work i have a motor for a different project.
PeterSripol on youtube i believe used 2 150cc Rotomax motors for a electric part 103 plane. they are very powerful motors.

I believe if you end up going swimming with an eppg it will just quickly fry itself. lake water is a lot more conductive than a human body and electricity goes the path of least resistance. i dont live near much water and dont plan to fly over anything i dont want to land in. especially a sarlacc pit. :stuck_out_tongue: