I finally bought an X-4 but

I bought an X-4 ( I think it’s a series 3.5) but I am not sure.
I am trying to familiarize myself with set up procedures and how to hook up
the batteries properly.

So I hook them all up according to the diagram the previous owner sent me,
(there are 4 batteries with 2 hooked up in series for each set of props)
I can get it to turn on, and all the indicators light up, but I can’t get it to
switch to armed mode.
I am sure I am doing something wrong. There are 2 buttons on the throttle control, do they have to be
both pushed at the same time to arm the motors?

Do you have a photo of the throttle?

I am at work now, but I can get a photo or two tonight and try and post them tomorrow.

I hope these are clear enough.
The batteries were charged to storage level. I am wondering if I have to re-charge them to
operation level to get this to turn on.

It says disarmed on the indicator. Sorry about the upside down, bad picture.

On mine, I hold down the “top” button with my thumb and “double-tap’” the small button on the grip with my middle finger to arm and disarm. It will quit beeping when armed, and the display will indicate “armed”. The “taps” have to be pretty quick on mine or it won’t arm. I hope this helps.

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If its powering up and there’s no magic smoke :wink: then likely all is well. The batteries do not need to be charged fully for it to arm. I have a batch 4. Arming/disarming is a double tap of the top button on the controller, next to the power plunger. Its a very deliberate click! click! required. I usualy can’t do it with my thumb of my left hand while holding the thing I have to use my right forefinger to do it. Maybe that’s all.

Thank you kind sirs!
The previous owner told me to double tap the top button, but if I am not pressing hard enough or fast enough, then that would be the problem.

I will have to experiment and see what works.
Thanks again.

OK, I got it to arm the motors and work, but I am still a bit confused (which is a normal state for me)
What is the small button on the side for? The one under your middle finger?
Thanks for your help.

Attached to this is the quick start guide

Thank you very much.