Controller Quick Start

Thought Id share the printed quick start sheet for the controller we are including with the units now.
It’s super basic and more info will be available on the site and in videos.
OpenPPG-V2-Throttle-QS.pdf (55.7 KB)

Suggestions welcome.

Also look for more PDF guides here as we create them


Hi Guys , 1st off i’ll say sorry if I missed where this info is But can the Openppg Throttle be bought separately… Cheers

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Not at the moment. We’re really close to shipping out the remaining orders and when we finish that Ill add it for sale.
I’m assuming you’re interested in buying the frame mounted board as well as a package right?

Hiya , just to say thanks for the update and will be on the lookout for when you guys are in a position to add these to your items for sale. Cheers.

Could you point me to where the info regarding the Frame mounted Interface that goes with the throttle assembly you just mentioned please when you get a moment no rush . thanks .