Harness options?

Hi Paul and others,

Paul, you emailed me a reply to a harness question that I had, which was basically “what is a good harness that will suit this frame?“

You suggested the Dudek Power Seat Comfort Harness (Low attachment version).
I’m interested to know if there are others that we know will work. For example, what about the Sup’Air harness used on the Air Conception? (Picture below)


I haven’t tried that exact harness in particular, but I’m sure you can make it work. I’m currently trying out the Apco’s split leg harness and others. They all have generally the same attachment points and design so I’m sure most will work.

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I like the idea of a split leg. To me a big part, probably the biggest part, of the multiprop system is to lose the torque effects. With no torque effect the need for a very rigid harness is minimised and a truly weight shift harness can be used. This is the harness I had fitted to the two prop design I was developing before I saw PDWhites system and jumped on this bus :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s the most minimalist harness I’ve ever seen. What is the brand?

Roland Roux in France rouxroland@aol.com makes them to order and sells them through eBay. It’s really well made with adjustable shoulders and width. The adjuster is within a loop like a trim tab so can’t disconnect if over adjustments. The whole thing is very like the ‘Thin Red Line’ brand that was around in the early ‘00s. You could contact him direct but be aware when he and I spoke it was via google translate. I don’t speak French and he doesn’t speak English!

Although I haven’t tried a split leg, the general consensus is that people love them except for very long flight times (2+ hours, which… electric ppg doesnt have to worry about at this point)

I have flown a older style Dudek (which I own), newer/newest style Dudek, and an AirConception harness. To be honest, they’re all pretty great and function… you know, the same. It’s a comfortable seat that slides out :joy:. Im not sure if maybe just the frame was a bit wider on the AC, but the dudek’s feel a tiny bit narrower. I think any harness with appropriate mount points would be fantastic.

Dudek harness seems to be most mentioned on the FB groups and a tad easier to find for sale, at least in the US anyway.


I’d love a harness that’s pretty comfy instead of bareboned (Air conception has nice padding as example).

Never used a split leg harness, I also like these with a extra band around the upper chest, makes me feel more secure,

Also will the harness (If we buy from openPPG) have low or high hang points?

I’m going to order some more Apco split leg harnesses and have them available as an option with the kits because they do take a while and are harder to get. (they will be low hang point for the gooseneck bars).

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Not sure what the price of the Dudek Harness is,
but here’s one from Poland. They are called “Minari Engine”
their Harness weighs 1.8kg and is supposed to cost 559€

Just saw it on facebook and thought I would post it here

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Hi, new here but I have some ppg experience and product testing.

APCO split leg harness is 1.77kg with back padding. Without pockets and reserve container or airbag.

Now the others are from memory.
The SupAir evo is 3.2kg with wooden seat Board.
2.88kg with carbon Seat Board.

APCO slt 2.77kg with short wood seat with pockets.

Air Conception is SupAir evo made from lighter materials 2.1kg

Person size and seat size. The SupAir has the largest seat. Medium and large. The APCO slt Seat is much smaller and thevwood is thinner we have broken those. The split leg is very short in the leg and not ideal for long flights. For electric ppg such as this, it looks perfect.

APCO split low hang comes with a back up strap system to hook into your carabiners, should the weight shift fail. It is comfortable enough but there is a limit on pilot size. Small and medium pilots find it comfortable. Larger pilots not so much.

I hope this helps.

I think its around $400-500 for the Dudek harnesses

ya that what I was thinking, and it’s a lot more fun for active pilots, so i think those will be the main 2 choices.

Hi… I’ve been using the split leg for some time now. It is, by far, the best harness for flying for less than an hour. So easy to run. BUT it’s not an easy harness to get out of if you have to do it quickly.

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I just bought dudek comfort harness from glider sports for $300.

The split leg is light and easy to run with and requires no skill to get seated. But it really lacks weight shift. Not having any other paragliding experience before taking up PPG I thought a split leg would have more but this is indeed not true. the Dudek Harness is around 8lbs. But it is also only $299 at glidersports for now.

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I see no issues with this since you will be in the air for 1 hour at max (At this point in time).
You wont do cross country flying in electric

In size L/XL it’s not available right now, though

Awesome! Great Stuff!

I’m a huge fan of the APCO Split-Leg.

Without having flown with either the Power Seat or the Apco Split Leg, I’d gravitate towards the Power Seat (on paper).
A rigid seat board and under-seat mounted reserve look to offer superior arse / spine protection for when things don’t go according to plan.
The additional 1.5 KG advantage of the Split-Leg don’t (in my opinion) out-weigh the safety mentioned above.
What are your thoughts? Is there a case for this logic?

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I’m can’t find anywhere to buy the Dudek Power Comfort Harness…glidersports and skysportsusa seem to be sold out. Does anyone have a lead? I asked my instructor be they don’t rep that brand.

Is there something substantially similar? I’m a beginner and normally I’d sky my instructor, but I’m not buying gear from them (I did buy a wing from them)…

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Hi @quarksurfer, since the price on the glidersports.com website is quite nice, I wrote them an email asking whether they will have the harness back in stock sometime soon. No reply as of yet.

Dudek is a company from Poland with a Distributor Network:

The general importer in the US is Paradrenalin, they again have a Dealer Network: http://dudekparaglidersusa.com/dudek-usa-dealers/

Maybe you want to give some of them a call. Let us know what you find out and what kind of price they are offering.