Harness options?

I know the Canadian importer for Dudek - he’s where I bought my wing. I’ve asked him what his price/timelines are.

PowerSeat is about €349, but I’m guessing we could get a volume discount if a bunch of people wanted it.

Thanks @davek79 and @etienne.

I’m going to wait until Monday because GliderSports just let me know they have one coming to the shop but they don’t know the size yet.

When I went through the dealers listed on Dudek USA a few seemed to be out of business or have no website, I didn’t find anyone with the product listed online. Maybe I should just cold call them?

Hey @Pdwhite did you get a chance to try the Apco Split leg? Did you like it for your ePPG?

There’s a post in the “Paramotor” Group on Facebook where somebody is asking about the Apco Split Leg. Most of the opinions given can be summed up that it’s cool for short flights, up to 30 minutes, but if you want to use weightshifting or do XC flights longer than 30 minutes, it would start to be very uncomfortable.

Not my experience, just a recapitulation of what I read on that group.

Ya its light and a good harness for short flights under an hour.


This person has the Apco split leg harness since 1 year on his paramotor.
Looks like he is still satisfied with the harness… On his youtube page you can
watch videos where he is starting and landing - looks like he is going in and out of
the seat easy.

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That’s great, thank you!

Could you not do cross country if you were just flying to altitude and then gliding deadstick as long as possible using the advantage of thermals whenever you can?

I dont know i have only had 4 flights off a cliff in New Zealand…

Sure, you can use the OpenPPG to launch and climb until you catch the first thermal, and then shut off the engine and keep riding thermals - that’s kind of what I am planning to do, after I have done that before with my 2 stroke gas paramotor.

This is what I was wondering also, where did you sit on the weight range of your wing?

We have used the split leg for more than 2 years. I’ve been on some soaring flights for up to an hour no problem. So EASY to get in and out of for takeoff and landing. DIFFICULT to get out of in an emergency.

Hi guys, I’ve been thinking about taking up PPG for a while and think electric is a great idea. Big fan of this project! So I’ve been adding things to my wishlist but don’t really understand what the disadvantage of a normal (bench) seat harness is over a split leg? I had Sup’Air Evo or Airconception (it seems also Sup’Air but lighter weight) harnesses on the shortlist. Is it just the take-off is a bit more awkward? (which should be short anyway!)

Hi everyone, I’m curious if anybody has tried a harness with high hang points with his frame? In particular I have an Apco SLT with high hang points that I’m curious about putting on this frame.

Air Conception is a SUPAIR harness.

Has anyone any recommendations for a reserve chute for the Dudek harness?