Good XT 150 connectors

Anyone have a link to XT 150 connectors that the X4 uses? I see the Amass brand everywhere (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) but I’m not sure if these are good connectors or cheap knockoffs.

I need to make up harnesses to connect 8 Bonkas into two sets.

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I’ve purchased these several times, no complaints.

The AS150 ones are magnitudes better in quality than the standard XT150 types.

Better for sure, but maybe not better enough to warrant re-connectorizing the OPs 8 lipos.

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If you assembly-lined it you could probably get them all knocked out in an hour. Worth the pain.

Thank you all.

Just looking to be compatible with the OE the Bonkas and the X4 came with, and avoid cheap/fake xt150s. Currently :smirk:, nothing is getting worn or warm so the original XT150 connectors seem to be up to the task.

I need to build a pair of “Y” connectors to fly with 8 Bonkas. To redo all the connectors I would have to pull apart my frame. Probably an afternoon of work. I’d enjoy that but I don’t want to pull apart my motor unless it’s absolutely necessary.

OTOH … Just had a thought. Perhaps it’s worth pulling apart the frame and adding another set of power cables rather than adding ‘Y’ connectors. That would eliminate the risk of a failed ‘Y’ connector and also eliminate the extra set of of plugs on each side. Hmmm. :thinking: That would also require punching new wire exit holes in the back plate. Not enough room for four wires in the original holes.

I double checked and the XT 150’s from the Ebay link above are identical to what came on my Bonkas. Good luck with your re-wiring!

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I have had a problem with Amass XT150s in that they are slightly too big to fit in the “surface mount” 3D prints (designed by gliderpilot I think). I have had to expand the 3d printed parts: x & y 109%, then had to file down part of the “base” to make it fit the rectangular hole in the plate. However I did find the 3d parts were also too small for the nuts and bolts so it looks like the STL file model needs changing a bit??

Glider pilots files worked for my Xt 150 connectors purchased on Amazon. Using PETG.

Interesting. I can’t work out where the problem lies… The “base” if printed at 100% fits perfectly in the hole: yet the xt150 is way too tight and will not go in even with extreme force. Also the bolt will not go in without drilling the hole bigger and the nut also. Other 3d parts seem to fit so it doesn’t look like a printer problem. I am using PLA. bad XT150 Batch? however I’ve made it work like I said above.

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After dialing in the dimensions/tolerances for my 3D printer, @GliderPilot’s worked for my XT150’s also (original ones that came with my X4).

I’m not read up on exactly what you’re doing, but is it possible you’re attempting to put the larger Amass connector shield in a printed part that was designed for the smaller shield?

It’s the “base” of the connector (where the word XT150 is printed) which is not fitting. I assume this is the same size in the 2 parts in your photo.

I must say I have not done any “calibration” on my 3D printer. Don’t know how to do this.

Yep, the Amass parts are both approximately 10mm x 10mm at the base.

I measured the design dimensions of “Xt 150 Mount - Base Red or Black” to be 10.1 x 10.1mm which is perfect.

Make sure the file you open in your printer software matches 10.1 x 10.1 exactly. If these are good and you don’t have any scaling factors going on in your printer software you should be good.

If I were printing with PLA I’d expect the dims of the printed part to be only slightly smaller than 10.1, maybe 10.09 for a great fit.

Just measured the part (printed at 100% with no “expanding”) at 9mm! How can I check the dimensions of the file? I only have cura. Would I need some other eg CAD software?. I am a newbie on 3D printing.

Xt 150 Mount - Base Red or Black.stl (160.8 KB)

I measured the stl you posted with 3d Builder…I think it’s a default windows app which I don’t typically use. The opening of the stl measures 10.1 in both directions. I suspect there’s something up with another setting in your printer software.

Maybe you could program another simple, easy to measure part and see if you get the same percentage reduction in size, or check the forums on your particular printer to see if others have seen similar discrepancies.

Thanks. I might do that when I have time. It’s an xvico printer. The middle xt150 fits perfect in the carbon hole so if I expand by 9% it’s too big to fit (x & y) so not like either x or y is printing out shrinked: we are closer to tracking down the problem thanks for your help.

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