Good XT 150 connectors

Can someone clear something up about wire size?

XT150 connectors and 8 AWG wire come with the Bonkas. From everything I read I see that the current limits for the XT150 connectors is ~130A and the current limit for 8 AWG is far less than even that.

So how can we expect those connectors/wires to support the 550A continuous and 1100A burst rating of the Bonkas?

Regardless of the rating even the Bonkas won’t really give you that many electrons. Also the X4 motors won’t pull that much power. The wires and plugs need to support the load not a theoretical capability of the source.

My full power current draw with six cell Bonkas charged to 4.15v/cell is 240amps. I’m dividing that through two sets of cables, plugs, and wires so 120amps / side. Nothing gets hot even after a few minutes. The batteries warm up a bit.

Seven cell Bonkas charged to 4.2V will probably allow closer to 300amp but that just won’t be needed for a good climb rate for most paramotor flights.

What about for the SP140? Won’t all that power will be going through a single set of cables, plugs, and wires in that case?

The sp140 is an entirely different best. It’s running a custom LiFe pack and is using a higher voltage, lower current motor system.

Yea, I get that, but even at “lower current” it will probably still be more current per cable than the X4 since it won’t be split. So is 8 AWG still good?

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Perfect, I am building a single prop set up with somewhat less power than the SP140. I’m using 4x 6S Bonkas in series (24s ~100V) and a MP15470 motor with the APD HV-Pro 24s ESC. I have a pretty large wing so my power requirements are fairly low, and I plan on limiting the max output to 15kW. So as long as I’m not full throttle all the time I should be fine with a single 8 AWG line.

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I’m not sure I understand this… 12kW @ 24s (100V) should only be 120A. Or am I missing something? This ESC is rated for 200A continuous and 300A burst.

But I agree, starting off slow and making sure everything stays cool is the best plan.

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