Freerchobby Power Systems

Anybody have any recent experience with this company?

Yes, I know, its cheap and from China, so one has to be careful, but I also own an ebike made in China. I’ve had it for 4 years and have put almost 6000 relatively trouble free miles on it. Still love it. Its actually had fewer problems that my $6500 Specialized Levo ebike. So not everything from China is junk. I’ve been quoted 47,000 Euros by MGM and 16,500 Euros by Geiger for complete plug and play PPG power systems. That’s just a bit more than I’m willing to spend.

your information on mgm 47000.- what does that mean. if you already give such information you should describe exactly what everything will be delivered. otherwise it’s just a number. why don’t you buy the sp 140?

MGM quote.pdf (438.6 KB)

I’m afraid the SP140 may not have enough power for my weight and field elevation so, per your suggestion, I started looking for something more suited for trike operation.

thanks for the list. I think the price is very correct. you asked mgm for a ferrarie custom single piece. custom-made it costs more money than a vw golf classic. since you described that you asked mgm and geiger for ppg, i thought you meant eppg like sp 140. an e-trike drive like the one offered by mgm is worth a multiple and provides a completely different performance. it’s like a 50 cc moped (eppg) compared to a 250 cc racing machine (e-trike). i would like to name people who fly professionally with freerchobby. Unfortunately I only know one pilot who only builds a light eppg with it for thermal flights. unfortunately i don’t know anyone with trike applications.

Has the one guy who builds a light eppg with Freerchobby parts been satisfied with them?

if he wants to say something about it he will do it. he is reading along here too.

I have a ligth thermal assist project with Freerchobby MP15470 but this motor is far away from trike flying. With other motors from this brand I have no experience, so I can’t say anything about that. But one thing I can say and this is only my opinion: electric trike needs lot more power as a small thermal assist unit (what is used for short times than motor off and glide), so a trike drive system is on higher level. Itt is no question that good quality esc and battery for that. I would not thrust china build esc for such high level power. So if you are thinking the same, than you will see a good quality battery and esc will cost a lot anyway. Why would you use a cheap motor for that?
With this statement I will not say anything bad about FreeRC, for me I think it will be fit perfect for my application. It has some limitations, but it’s still in the green range. But if I would build a trike and pay a lot for another parts of the drive system, surely not searching motors just because they are cheap.

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you can also form a completely neutral opinion. manufacturers usually show references with their products and you can also find videos from users on youtube, social media and see the pilots at meetings. This is the case with geiger, rotex, mgm, hacker, mad / openppg, exomo, paracell, e-glider, e-walk, transformer, and a few others. if only data sheets are available about esc and motor but you “don’t see any pilots flying” you should inform yourself. just like you got it perfectly right here.

I have purchased 120100 BLDC motor and ESC as matched package
this motor was quoted 24S Lipo and ESC was also for uptown 24S 300A
I connected to 20S lipo and when plugged ESC together that caught fire which I managed to control quickly I didn’t even put in full 24S yet.
On complainein they told me I should have used 28S 500A ESC with that motor while they were selling that as package
While reminding them this is how they were selling Then I was offered 28S 500A ESC at reduced price and refunded price of burnt ESC
So I would say company is not bad in customer service department

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I noticed near the end of this technical letter from the UK based Light Aircraft Association , they list a similar/same motor as one of the freerchobby motors. They list it as this one : EP238/50 50kW - Hobby grade motor. They have links to a few other motors too. You may want to contact LAA, in case there is someone who has experience with that motor. Sorry, I don’t know how to make hyperlinks, etc in this forum.

This is the url for the document:

This is the url for the similar motor EP238/50 50kW - Hobby grade motor:

this is the url for the similar freerchobby motor:

I am also very much interested if you find a less expensive power system that works for your trike too.

Kind regards,

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Mark, Like the LAA article. That’s a lot of good information. Thanks.

Glad that worked out, so how is that combo working out/performing?
I was thinking that the 28S 500A ESC and the MP238 would be a good setup for my trike.

To do a proper test I need proper battery pack and price batteries weight of pack is still stopping me to go out and built a pack which could be about 15Kg for 2KW pack costing £500 for good 40 minute flight Also need a good dedicated charger to charge 20-24S pack in reasonable time
I am almost 70 year old and I hope I can get some new battery technology to come out during my life time
May be I should think of selling this eEngine ready to fit in Frame

I am sorry it is not going as to your plan. At 56 I am hoping the same thing about batteries :joy:.
Wishing you all the best.

Thanks for the feedback, deadwood.

I’m at 64, and worried too. This may be off topic regarding brand and price, but I came across this advertisement for the first time today in Barnstormers under the classifed PPG category:
Electric Propulsion Systems

ELECTRIC PROPULSION SYSTEMS • NEW TO MARKET • Our system is now on the Northwing ATF trike, check them out to purchase a new electric ultralight; We can provide a new system for your ultralight; Prices starting at $8700 for a complete system (4kWh), including charger and prop; ideal for ultralights, motorgliders, PPG, soaring trikes; Motor powers from 29HP to 40HP; Battery capacities from 4kWh to 10kWh; Please inquire by email so I can send you product specs and video • Contact Jonathan Barraclough , Owner - located Tehachapi, CA United States • Telephone: 6619725240 • Posted December 25, 2021 • Show all Ads posted by this AdvertiserRecommend This Ad to a FriendEmail AdvertiserSave to WatchlistReport This Ad

The Northwing ATF trike has been around for a long time.

Kind Regards,

Controller looks similar to the SP140
ATF trike
Very load wine coming from it.

Retrofit kit starting at 13800USD on NorthWing site - so I guess the Barnstormer site sating 8900 start price is direct from Silent Electronics but I could not find a link.

Jonathan from Silent Electrics responded to my inquiry. I’ve asked permission to post his contact info, system specs he provided, etc. I’m waiting for his reply. BTW, I have no previous knowledge of, or affiliation.

Jonathan has not replied to my request, maybe he just missed it or is likely busy. Anyway, he did respond twice to my Barnstormer’s inquiry. Just click on his name link in my original post above, if you don’t mind going through Barnstormers.

Here is small portion of info he provided to me:

We currently have 3 motor size systems. All of them are designed for ultralights in mind. We have a 24HP, 32HP and 42HP size. We can also get a 63HP system made but it is rather expensive due to the exorbitant controller cost. The li-ion packs are sized in 2kWh or 2.5kWh modules depending on your aircraft, and then you add modules together in parallel to add capacity/flight time. Each module has its own fully functional BMS. The 24HP system is meant for soaring trikes, motor gliders and PPG. The 32HP system does well on ultralights where 500 FPM climb is expected and weight needs to be minimized (to stay Part 103), or on the light soaring aircraft/motorgliders where 800 - 1000 FPM climb is desired. The 42HP, or Rotax 447 replacement, is for full-size ultralights and heavier pilots. The goal is to get to one hour of flight time, for those pilots that want that and can afford the battery. Of course, for full-size ultralights you run into the issue of going overweight with larger batteries and that has to be decided by each pilot. We have two battery suppliers, one in the US and one in China. Both use the same cells and BMS, however the US supplier is much more expensive, but I can vouch for the high quality workmanship. The Chinese supplier is new to us but has a long-standing business supplying batteries to many different industries. I offer the choice because many people insist on American-made, which is understandable. Each system comes with a throttle interface, either a hand throttle or one that interfaces with a trike foot throttle pedal. Each system comes with a basic cockpit instrument that shows remaining battery life, voltage, current and power. Each system also comes with a charger.

I have no way to verify or confirm, but it seems like the smallest 24HP system is very much like the Mad M40xx motor and controller that maybe the SP140 uses, and may even be the same.

Correction: make that MAD M50XXX, not M40XX