Flying my X-4 at Oshkosh

Hey All,
I flew my X-4 at Airventure Oshkosh last summer.
The article came out in the July 2020 edition of Sport Aviation.
I believe the links below will direct you to the article
July 2020 (dragged).pdf (364.1 KB) July 2020 (dragged) 2.pdf (508.3 KB) July 2020 (dragged) 3.pdf (481.1 KB) July 2020 (dragged) 4.pdf (268.7 KB)

@zjwhitehead edit: Thanks! Heres all of them combined into one pdf July 2020 eaa.pdf (1.6 MB)


I tried to find a link directly to whole article. Ended up downloading the whole magazine.