Dudek harness sizing

At 170cm (5’7), I’m right at the start of the L/XL harness and within the top end of the S/M harness.
Would you go up a harness size, or go down?

S/M is perfekt for your size.


Sorry but I am 5’6 i have large harness and this is size you need not small!

What is the difference? Now you have me a bit worried.

I’m currently deep in discussion with @Opius to buy his unit after nearly pulling the trigger on a brand new one, but if a S/M harness isn’t going to fit well, I really don’t want to have to run out and buy a second harness.

I’m 5’6 and s/m is the size I use

Well a small is about 10 cm or 4 inches smaller in the seat… maybe fine if you are skinny person but you will feel much more comfortable in a large

You are size S/M. I have been in the PG/PPG harness business for overv30 years and was the US. SUPAIR US. distributor for a long time. There is not much difference in size between brands. For your dimensions. Here is a chart from SUPAIR to give you and idea on which model would be best for your weight and height and that goes to all adult harnesses harness Supair Access 2 Bump | Supair.
Your harness is made by Dudek and here’s their chart which you likely looked at before https://dudek.eu/en/produkt/powerseat-comfort-dp/
Remember that you must be as tight as possible in your harness. The side skirts should be snug against your hips. Being loose in a seat will only bring trouble and excessive roll. You must have a two point configuration: the wing (1), and you with the harness as one unit (2). The wrong configuration would be: 1/ the wing - 2 / the harness - 3 / you. The wing send you its input through the lines, risers and harness. Example: If you find yourself in trashy air and are loose in the harness and the wing gets bumped on the right side by a thermal or dynamic gust, the tip will go up and the harness will react accordingly with the seat plate rising on that side. If you are loose in your harness, your body will slide toward the lower and opposite side. If for any reason your glider now rolls toward the right a second later with the left wing tip going up, your seat plate will go up on that side, and if you are loose in the harness, you will “slide” play catch up with the right skirt and so forth. Your body will be in a constant unstable configuration, trying to compensate for the lack of cohesiveness between the two components. Picture a bunch of marbles in a rolling soup plate. Hot glue the marbles to the plate then the two elements will be in sync regardless of the rolling angle on either side. At SUPAIR, we even sometimes recommended to cut the seat plate 1cm at the time on each side to obtain the necessary snug fit when the pilot was tall and skinny which does not seem to be your case. PPG pilots do not weight-shift as much as PG pilots because of the machine’s armature but it applies to degree nevertheless while weight-shifting.
SP140 weight-shifting. Left knee up - left hand up - left side of the seat plate up - not trashy air in the photo but that will give you an idea of the configuration - I hope my long explanation helped a bit.


Great, thank you. That was actually quite informative.

Voltair, from what height would you recomand L Dudek harness if the pilot is slim? (I’m 68kg at 183cm) Thank you.

The height is not an issue. I fit those parameters = 1,80m and 150lbs. - S/M works fine for me. But everyone is different.

If height doesn’t matter that much but the difference between them on their sitte is made only by height, no body weight, no hips wide, now I’m realy confused which to pick. I use a Supair evo lite size M for pg and is right for my body but it’s advertised until 185cm heigh and since I have 183 with more clothes in winter I struggle to get into the seat, the shoulder straps although opened to max, the seat is still to pressed on my but and doesn’t slide. So I don’t want the same thing with the Dudek, but I don’t want to feel I dance in it either.
Despite that Dudek size M has upper height limit 175cm you can confirm that chosing the M size, the seat will still slide under an 183cm pilot?

I received my SP140 this weekend with the s/m harness. I haven’t flown with it yet (it will probably be a while still), but i did put it on and fire it up a few times.

When I take it off, its tight around the hips. I’m assuming this is what you were referring to, and this is actually desirable to prevent the weight distribution oscillation? Since I haven’t actually hung it up to put my weight in it, I haven’t been able to test how it feels to sit in it yet

Tight around the hips yes: As long as you are inside the seat and most importantly, have good support behind the knees, then you are good to go. You do not want to slide forward out of the seat and fly using your abdominal muscles to keep your knees up. A hang-test is the first thing you should do after assembly - no need to run the motor but the prop and battery should be included for proper weight balancing. You need a mirror next to you to fine tune the cage angle and sitting posture SP140 DAY 1 - YouTube

Great thanks.

Yeah, both of my solo flights a year and a half ago, I don’t think I ever fully got into the seat of the harness. It always felt like i was sliding forward and was a little exhausting. Probably exactly what you are describing.

Not probably… it is exactly what I am teaching my students.:smiley: You will never have full wing control sitting at the edge of your seat plate.

Can you get easely into the seat of the S/M size if you’re 180-183cm? Are the shoulder straps oppened to maximum or they still have some reserve? Then I’ll buy the S/M too. Thanks.

here is an example in the video.
I am 182 cm tall and weigh 85 kg. the harness is a dudek powerseat m. it has the same geometry of the shoulder straps and seat board etc as the current powerseat in s/m. I measured and compared it some time ago when I put together a system for a friend and also did a test flight myself.

the l / xl is not much bigger though. i can also fly with it very well, especially in winter with a lot of clothes. in summer s/m is my favorite.

now you are probably just as unsure as before…

. but maybe the video will help you to see how easy it is to get in. just pull your knees up in one impulse and you sit inside. :slight_smile: check the harness regularly with silicone spray so that it slides nicely and smells good… (the video is a few years old, hence the low resolution at the time.

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Uoou…Best and fastest take offs I’ve seen! :astonished:
The size confusion comes from the producers recomandation and the fact that they think that a 180cm 68kg guy has the same body shape as an 180cm 90kg guy.
In winter I can hardly get into the Supair evo lite size M (170-185cm) harness. So the Dudek being advertised to max 175cm it’s obvious to wonder if I can get inside especialy in winter.
But if you say that you’re 180 and can easely get in I might too :+1: Are your shoulder straps of the M size completely out or you can make the even longer?

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Pilots who are 187 cm tall and weigh 75 kg have flown my motor as shown in the video. here it was about the shoulder straps at the limit. but doable. . here it was about the shoulder straps at the limit. but doable. yes you can take off quickly if there is a good wind. the motor also has 50 kg of thrust with around 10 kilowatts of input power from the battery, which is more than enough for a total mass of only 125 kg.

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Everyone is different. I you have long legs, it could be a problem to get in fully and obtain good knee support. I am 1.80m tall and 68Kg. and use the size M for all my PG harnesses (SUPAIR). For the XP and X4m (Dudek S/M). even during the winter with additional clothing layers the size is right “for myself”. The shoulder height is not the issue here.
Worse case scenario, get a size large and cut the seat place 1cm at the time on each side until snug. It will given you the additional depth needed to support your thighs and raise your knees slightly. Alternative: I always use a foot-rest to push myself inside the harness and keep me there - no need to let go the toggles.
Advantage: you can better fight the torque with a foot-rest by crossing your legs to the left - you right tibia overlapping the left one under full power. You can keep both boots parallel on the foot-rest at cruising speed. I hope that helped

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