Dudek harness questions

Does the Dudek harness come with reserve carabineers? How wide is the carabineer spread on the J bars?

Mine did not. You will need a pair of maillons for it.
Space between jbars is ± 40cm.

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Thank you I’ll be sure to pick up a pair. What size reserve do you have in the dudek reserve container by chance?

Here is a link to my setup…and I really like it. I used the APCO Light Universal Reserve Bridle…no maillons are needed at the harness. My reserve is the Gravity XFusion 150…light with very good specs. It is a snug fit in the Dudek container, but it was still a breeze to install.

Glider Sports has a nice video on attaching your bridle, packing the reserve in the container and mounting it. I do use an oval maillon to connect the reserve to the bridle.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Bill. I’ll look into the reserve and bridle. So the Dudek harness doesn’t come with a bridle?

Happy Flying!


Mike, you are welcome. No, I have 3 different harnesses, and none of them came with bridles. I like the APCO bridle because they are very light, very strong and maillons are not necessary at the harness connections.

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Advance companion 160. It took a bit of work to get it in there but it fit.

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I think I’ll go with a 150 kg. Reserve since I should come in at 130 kg. Flying weight provided the SP140 is 77 lbs. . For my free flight kit I’m using a 140 kg. Square reserve and I’m at 112 kg. Flying weight which should be about a 4.5m p/s sink rate.