Double battery trike build

Having read about the battery cables being kept as short as possible, has anyone built a trike setup with a second battery built further from the motor?

Hey Bill,

I don’t have more photos handy but Paul and I experimented with a bigger trike setup with two batteries mounted lower and further from the motor. We made a custom mount that keeps the CG along the axel and had no issues with cable length in our brief testing.

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Thats a nice looking setup :+1:

Will be interested in seeing some long term results from this setup, i.e. flight time, performance and costs.

Yes I fly a trike with 2 batteries


Nice looking rig as well.

That must be the simplest trike I’ve ever saw! :astonished:
I was like, ther’s a paramotor but where is the trike…ohh…I see some wheels…:+1:

Nice. How much does the rig with both batteries weigh? What wing and size you using? I am looking a doing something similar.

Hi Jeff

All up it weighs 68 kgs

With me in the seat it is 150 kgs

I use a DUDEK 30m Cabrio which is rated to 300kgs

Yes it’s a clever design
By Bob Bauer from RETRACTA TRIKES in Australia

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It’s not an SP140, but it’s also an EPPG that has additional batteries, a total of 3 units. 1 set behind the back and 2 on the sides. mounted on a simple foxy trike from flyproducts

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If you want to put a secondary battery use a split charger then you starter battery will fully charge before your secondary
The length of cables isn’t critical but size of cable wants to be sufficient for charge current

From what I’ve seen the charging systems on para engines is only very low current may be a couple of amps max
So cable csa only needs to be say 2mm
Fuse to protect circuit

Hi Zach,

Very interesting your trike setup with two batteries. Is this type of setup going to be commercialized anytime soon?


Hi Tim,

Did you put this setup together yourself? I’d be interested in knowing how I can get my hands on one of these.


Bob Bauer made the trike attachment to suit. His company is called Retracta TRIKES. Located in Australia

Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

Hi Pablo,
This was definitely more of a prototype, mostly to test how powerful our setup can be for tandem flights.
Very few pilots fly tandem so next step is likely to focus on single person electric trikes.

If you are interested in the tandem specifically we’re happy to chat more, just send me a message.

Hi Zach,

What I’m really interested in is being able to purchase a single person trike with a double battery setup that is able to have a longer flying time.

If the max duration of a single battery is 1h, would having a double configuration give you a max duration of 2h? Or doesn’t it quite work like that?


Zach, I have just purchased 2 days ago a used (as spanking new) SP-140 flown twice.

I am actively looking for a single TRIKE to mount it on as have little interest in foot launch. Do put me on the list if/when you have any news on a single trike that you may produce or indeed if its years away, which single trike do you think I should be looking at thats currently on the market?

And which wing for a trike set up? Im 5’ 7 and 72 KG begineer. And like the chap Pablo who started this thread i would want to mount two of your batteries on the single trike.

Final question will the V2 goose arms fit my SP-140 V1 silver tube arms?

Thanks Zach and to anyone who can supply any advice!

Regards and safe flying to all

Martin Brit in Oregon

Hi Martin, I am building the same. I am 5’ 8" 80KG. I just purchased a Simplify titanium trike, light and easy to take down. Spyder 3 30m wing. I will be using two of the 3.7kwh batteries not connected so that I can switch between them using the anderson connector. I am concerned with the battery BMS shutting down during flight- so I want the option to switch to a second battery. I post pictures when I finish. Still working on battery mounts. Jeff