Flyproducts Foxy Minitrike + EPPG

Hello EPPG pilots and e-flying friends!

After a few EPPG footstart projects and a large trike and XC trike, I wanted to try how it feels to fly an EPPG on a standard mini trike.

The basic frame is a Herkules from Austria which is very similar in geometry to Miniplane from Italy. the cage ring and struts are self-made from carbon, wood sandwich. The setup is a Rex 30 motor with MGM ESC. Propeller is 150 cm 3 blade e-props with max 1900 rpm. Provides enough thrust for the project and is extremely quiet at cruise speed with only 1350 rpm.

The Foxy Trike fits the Flyproducts ppg frames plug and play. I needed a few modifications. Below where the frame sits, 2 plastic holders made of nylon were printed so that the height fits. a carbon strip was just made to write on with pipe clamps. there are 2 pins made of polyamide that i turned on the lathe. so the frame can be easily connected to the trike.

I’ve often taken off on foot with the frame and the batteries with a total of around 50 kilograms for flight times of around 60 to 80 minutes most of the time. here with the foxy trike i will add more batteries and see how long i can fly. thank you to hermann from the donnersberg flight school for lending me the foxy trike for the flights.

flying with it is significantly different than with my big trike, but a nice experience that is also fun.


Looks great,:+1:
Safe landings.

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Wow nice setup! Thanks for sharing.