Difference between SP140 v1.1

What is the difference between the SP140 V1.1 as compared to the Batch one original version?

You can see here Is ship date still accurate? + Next frame version changes - #4 by Pdwhite

The green parts are part that have been changed on the frame

You said “ Also its still cross compatible with V1.0 frames so replacement parts can be easily swapped if needed.”

Can you please expand on this?

If a v1.0 Frame is totaled, can the v1.1 frame be purchased and everything that came with V1.0 be mounted to it?

Also are any of the green parts able to be added into A stock good condition V1.0 frame?

Ya motor pack, battery pack, harness and gooseneck bars can all be swapped. So just the frame is what needs to be changed from v1 to v1.1

The standoffs on the motor could be swapped.


OK thanks. What is different with the new motor standoffs than the stock ones. Is there any difference or benefit to do that swap?

They are just shorter, from 52mm to 39mm.

moves the motor closer to CG

I see thank you.

I was also wondering what is the recommended maximum amount of time to have a battery stored at full charge?

There is not a set time is all on a spectrum but I would say if you are going to store more then a week or so i would drop it down to the storage voltage.

OK thanks

Is there a simple battery draining device you recommend? (When you cannot fly)

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Does the charger let you set a specific voltage to charge it to so when you want to fly you can do 100% and when your not going to fly for a week or more you can set it to 80% or whatever the recommended number is???

You can set it in the BMS with the app can just set to a voltage you want and it will shut off once it reaches that.


Ya can just run the motor for a bit

Very interested but don’t understand, can you post a video of this or elaborate?


Also what app are you talking about?

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Ya can make a vid showing the Bluetooth setup. Ill post here when done.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to it


Just reviving this. I’d love to see an app to do this as well. Although I don’t think a big deal to throw the motor on my back to run it down either

Made video a little while ago just forgot to post, but its shows the basics of what it can do.


That app looks to provide excellent information! Would you mind working one up for my Tesla? :laughing: