Day 1 build progress

Got as far as I can without soldering or missing parts. Ordered some bus blocks and terminal ends to make a clean finish of the wiring. Had to do some tricks to get stuff to work.

The issues:

  • The aluminum milled pieces in the hinges did not fit together even remotely correctly and had to be ground down before they would close.
  • two of the screw holes in each of the aluminum hinge parts which go in the arm were not tapped or drilled (or both) deep enough so the m4 screws do not go all the way in. Will have to get some washers to make them right.
  • no hardware to attach ESCs to arms (not sure if intentional or accidental-- could have been as easy as 16 m3 nuts) so I got some #6-32x3/4" screws which threaded perfectly into the holes on the ESCs. Had to drill the mounting holes bigger in the arm. Ground down the screws shorter (about halfway) so they did not interfere with the wiring.
  • no terminal ends? Not the end of the world but could have made life easier if I didn’t have to order them separately. Considering the switch has bolt terminals on it…
  • the hoops totally do not fit their mounting plugs unless you gape the ends a bit with a needle nose pliers.

That’s about where I’m at. Be careful w/ the wires at the joint. I accidentally cut off the power wire. Those joints act like scissors. Did your kit come with something to attach the props to the motors? Mine didn’t. I have no idea how they go on. To be researched later. I’m working on the wiring like you.

Mine only came with 2 prop shafts or extensions or whatever you call them. So I’m grounded as well.
Just got the electrics set up (messy) but working and tested. Reversed 2 of the motors to spin correctly. Now going to clean things up and set it up for multiple batteries.

The screws I am using to make the electrical junctions are just a bit too long for GliderPilot’s files so I enlarged them. Made a trayed STL with 10 pieces for easier printing. Blarg, filesize limit is too low, cant upload here…

I made a sandwich out of the motor foam and the DC-DC board, held together with ziptie. I electrical taped the end with the soldered wires, seemed like if any wire would break off, it would be those.
Ziptied the ziptie to the standoff in the frame. Keeps it nestled between 3 standoffs, should be good to go.

Awesome idea!! Thanks.

Can you take a picture of those prop shaft/columns? I googled rc prop shaft and all I get are boat prop shafts.

Maybe if we knew what these things are really called, we could find them for sale somewhere.

Thanks Jeremy. That helps a ton. At least now I know what I’m looking for.

Found it.

I sent an email to MAD Motors asking about the adaptors and got a response back from Julia. She said she’ll forward my request to OpenPPG. I guess we’ll have to wait for Paul or Zack to chime in here.

“Cleaned up” wires


Looking good.

Don’t take your power block apart for my sake, but did you take any pictures of it before sealing it up in the foam coffin? Mine doesn’t have leads for the ESC signals and didn’t come with a Y adaptor the Batch 3 build video talked about. I can join all the ESC leads by cutting off the connectors, but not sure where they go afterwards. Thanks man. It’s been so helpful to have someone else building theirs at the same time I’m doing mine.

Holy cow. Glad I didn’t cut anything. Just found this video on another thread. For some reason it’s unlisted on YouTube. Looks like the ESCs plug directly to the hub vs joining them all together via a Y harness as the other video shows:

Aug 2019

June 2018 Y harness @ 15:51

Glad you didnt cut anything! With the new hub as you saw there are direction connections for each ESC

Me too, though I could have soldered the connectors back on. Just a pain.

Hey, Zack, can you help Jeremy and I out? He’s short 2 of the prop adaptor/extenders from MAD and my kit didn’t come with any. Any extras that didn’t get packaged or if MAD shorted you guys, can you reach out to them? I contacted them and they just referred me back to OpenPPG (you guys). Thanks!

Ya im sending some out to him now

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There are screw terminals at both ends of mine (dc-dc board), seems those would be more robust than the tiny little solder joints. If i ever have to pull it, I’m just going to use those terminals.

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