Dave UK Kit Arrival


Kit has arrived in the UK watch this space for updates



Congrats Dave! Where in Uk are you? I should get mine aswell soon!


Would like to see and hear this in person. Going to any flying events?

PMC weekend coming and Parafest 2 weeks later.


I am in Lincolnshire


I’m up in Yorkshire. I’ve ordered the prebuilt version!


Cool…also just beware it cost me £143.00 to get the package through customs


:fearful: wow! Ok! Thanks for Letting me know Dave!


Is that vat or some other duty


Import duty I guess …carrier wont release the package until payment recieved


im interested in one of these kit form what was the total cost and wait time and where did u get the batterys


Hi steve
Kit was £2300.00 got the Batteries through the same site


thanks for your reply so i just order it through these guys and pay and then wait and what was the cost of the batterys and charger too


Charger was £125 from Ali express batteries were about $230 each


Hi Steve
Motors and frame £2750
Harness… £ 400
4 x batteries… £ 873
Dual charger… £ 285

Then you need a wing


thanks for your reply i have a wing ive got over 100 hrs paramotoring but this elec paramotor realy takes away all the minuses of the engine type no gyro engine twist unlikely to catch a prop storage in the house and quieter many times you get the take off area and the engine lets you down im having trouble getting a reply to purchase one at the moment




Awesome mate! I’m glad u got it together. And the battery box is nice. Will dideinitely have to come down to see it.


Ok give me a shout when your free


Will do. I’m here in the states at present will be back in a few weeks. Will get in touch when i get back! :+1: