Dave UK Kit Arrival

Nice job, Dave. You may want to consider lengthening your throttle wiring, though. Looks too short to enable a full range of movement. I felt my wires were too short also. 6" more would really help and be safer.

Hi yes your quiet right I have relocated so now it comes out of the top which gives more freedom
But I think another 6 to 8 inches would be better for the kits


what was the total cost for all the equip and i see you have 4 batterys as im shifting from petrol to one of these im on the waiting list

Hi Steve
Motors and frame £2750
Harness… £ 400
4 x batteries… £ 873
Dual charger… £ 285

Then you need a wing

Hi, when you list costs, don’t forget the tax.
Here in Europe you have to add Value Added Tax plus Import Duty plus customs/handlers service cost. Here in the Netherlands the VAT is 21% and the ID is 2,7%. Which is very significant money on a package of $3.500-4.500 (incl batteries and shipping cost).

The smaller the package is, the better chance it slips through Customs. One friend in the Netherlands bought the pre-assembled version and had to pay € 840 tax, while another bought the kit with almost the same value but much smaller volume and unrecognizable as something valuable, and had to pay only € 48 tax.

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Yep your quiet right this makes you think twice about importing anything anymore and they keep the package until you pay the randsom…doesn’t promote trade between countries…absolute robbery


Hey just to say great to see another Openppg Unit up there well done , thanks for posting the clip … have to ask Dave , whats your all up flight weight with this kit and what size wing are you using … Cheers

will weigh the gear and let you know

My mark 2

quick release Battery enclosure


And for 8 x Bonkas

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8 battery setup??? First one I’ve seen so far. Very cool!

Very interested in your weight and flight time stats.

And a short video tour of your setup showing how you put it together would be really awesome.

I would love to know more about the battery boxes and quick release. How does the quick release work?


Dave, where did you source getting your materials for your battery boxes? They look great.

Here is a few shots of the battery box build and a close up of the one turn quick release

20181109_125853 on Vimeo

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Badass Pro looking
Great Job!
Cheers, Patrick

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