CNC - Flat Carbon Parts

Hey guys,

I have a several flat carbon parts that I’d like to get quoted. Does anyone know of a shop that’s experienced in CNC cutting flat carbon fiber plate?

I’ve reached out to [guellem] based on his posts, and welcome other connections.

Currently it’s a short list of parts:
(2) 3mm cf plate ~400 x 400
(12) 2mm cf plate ~200 x 200

Both parts require detail interior and exterior profiling.
Cad files, and or drawings can be supplied.
I can supply the raw plate if that’s helpful.
I’m in OH 45039 (sigh)

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the 3mm 400x400 parts for reference.

I used Plastic Spider and was amazed at how fast my order arrived. I hope this helps. Bill

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perfect, thank you

I would like to get a carbon plate cut to fit my current trike.
QQ: What software do you guys use to design the CNC templates?

Any hints are welcome!

Hi Daniel - I’m using Autodesk Fusion. I contacted Robert at Plastic Spider and he said a .dxf file is best for him. I will send drawings and the .dxf file for each part.

Motor mounts from Plastic Spider turned out great, thanks again!!

Looking good! Yep, he was very fast, his work was excellent and I will use his service again! I was just lucky to find him.:+1: Bill

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That looks interesting @chrismichaelwhuuuut

I looks like you are fixing the motor on a single round tube, I cannot see any bolt fixing it.
How do you make sure the mounting-angle is not changing when applying power?

Hi Daniel: The clamping force of the 3 aluminum clamps around the tube on its own is enough to keep the assembly from rotating if you try to rotate it manually, but I did add two holes just next to the clamps that will each have thru bolts or pins (haven’t chosen yet) which will keep the motor assembly from rotating should the clamps loosen over time.

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