Carbon Fiber Prop Bulk Order

I contacted Xoar Props ( about purchasing some carbon fiber props. As a wholesaler they require bulk orders. If anyone is interested, we can get a pair (CW & CCW) for $105 if we purchase 50 pairs. They are only an hour from me, so I could pick them up.
They have the following sizes available:
22x8 or 23x10

Let’s see if there is enough interest.

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Do we know what the benefits will be? No one has tested anything other then the standard prop.

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So we need 25 people to commit to buy 2 pairs for $210 without sending even one sample to one person for a side by side comparison? As soon as someone shows a considerable improvement to efficiency just by changing a prop I’m sure a large percentage of us will jump on board!

23 inch won’t work with our frame.

One person on this forum reported purchasing an 8 inch pitch but has yet to report results to us. I would at least want a good report with that pitch before I commit.

Also, what is their quality like and is the design aimed for high efficiency or is it simply a standard prop made from carbon instead of wood? One advantage of carbon is the ability to make them an optimal shape while still being rigid.

I’m ordering one of each size to test thrust and speed. I was just wondering about interest.
I did read that another post that 23 would fit…

I’m not sure what post you are talking about but it’s definitely not true. The props are 23 inches on center if every arm is perfectly straight. I just measured mine between all four hubs and found one to be less than 23 inches.

I’m definitely interested but I doubt you’ll get 25 people interested without data or feedback first. I would love to fly with a set.

So did you order from a retailer then? How much are they retail?

Sounds interesting, but cheking in amazon, on customer review it with just one star

Amazon Customer

1.0 out of 5 stars :-1:t2: Poor craftsmanship Propellers was not tested be for Sale

April 23, 2017

Verified Purchase

The two Hole was not aligned properly so could not mount to motor.!! :-1:t2: Poor craftsmanship Propellers was not tested be for Sale!!!..BE AWARE…!!!

On paper the 22 x 8 would need at least 500 more rpm to have the same thrust as the 22 x 10 prop at 25 mph speed…


For lighter pilots I can see a 22 x 8 will help with amp draw, heavier pilots will need maybe a 22 x 12!

Looks like 2 inch pitch difference is worth 20 amp draw - how this works out in real world
would definitely be by feedback from community members…

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The 22 inch retail at $144 per pair
The 23 inch retail at $168 per pair
I measured mine, 23.25 inches was the minimum. I know that 1/4 inch isn’t a lot of clearance, but it might fit…

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tarifachris, thanks for the numbers.

I don’t know if carbon fiber is more efficient or not, I do know they weight a little less. I real reason I want carbon fiber is because I hike through trees/brush to my flight spot, and the wood props get scratched and dinged up- which does lower efficiency (I hike with the batteries attached, which means the props stick out beyond the arms when folded).

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Yeah, my props are getting pretty nicked up and I would love to replace them with carbon so they won’t get nicked up so much.

Did you measure accross all four and consistently show 23.25? That is dang tight! I think the machine would flex enough to allow them to touch. You may be able to move the motors out just a tad but then you would be pushing too close to the hoop. Hopefully you can get it to work smoothly.

At least make sure the rotation of tips are going with each other like the picture on the left and not against each other like the picture on the right. I know some people have theirs like the one on the right.

The first thing I would buying are Prop protectors!!!

Second I would install balance Ring’s on the props…

what’s the purpose of the “balance ring” ?

Static balancing…

Prove to me I can “significantly” benefit from new props and I will join group purchase - min 30% gain.

Finally received my carbon fiber props. I was able to procure 22x10 cw and ccw. But they have the thicker mount like gas props, so I’m looking for a different mounting solution for the motors.


Do you have pictures?

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Those look really nice! The mounting looks the same as what we use now though so I don’t know what you mean about mounting them different but why do two have a slightly different hub?

How did your wood one get damaged so bad? Did you leave a strap undone? I’ve done that but since made it so they wouldn’t reach if left undone.

My plan was to drill and thread 4 x M4 into the motor extension (30mm circle)!

But this will only work if the newer version motor extensions are solid… Didn’t they changed this? These are the old ones:

Anyone have a picture from the newer ones?

The newer ones are one piece, and the shaft is solid, but the rest is the same.

I was considering drill and tap the bolt to put on an extension. I am also considering milling the prop a bit with a cnc so it fits the shaft, with a tight fit it should hold it on better.

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