Busted prop during takeoff at the beach

Today, the lower right prop vacuumed a small stone - I heard a small mini-hit sound, and my climb leveled out in spite of being at full power. Went up about 20’ and decided to land. Placed my OpenPPG on the sand and suprise!:rofl::grimacing:

Will repair it all tomorrow.


Yep, sorry you had trouble. I have to be very careful at the beach too and do a good prop check before I put it in the car.

Ouch! You have spare propellers? Seems a good idea.

All repaired and good to go. And made a few improvements along the way.
I extended the battery holder ledge to support part of the weight - part because the packs have to tilt away from their own weight during the emergency release - there must be an off balance scenario taking place - the wight of the pack disconnects the plugs automatically due the the 26lbs weight heading downward.

I also shortened the 4 Bonka 8W cables and soldered new XT150 at their ends.
Also flipped the battery boxes around so that the wires now stand further away from the props because when I busted the lower right one before yesterday, it hit and stripped a couple cables in the process and snapped one XT150 so in a way it was a good thing for forcing me to do an update.


Nice. My setup keeps the cables clear of the props well enough for normal operation but I didn’t think of a prop breaking. Might be nice to have some minimal shielding just between the props and the batts. Hmmmm…