Building From Scratch

Sorry for being dense. I cannot find the link on the openPPG website or any post on here for building one of these beauties from scratch.

What I’ve gathered is I need to find a carbon parts manufacturer, give them the CAD files (was estimated $1.9K by one guy), they make the frame, I buy 4 bonkas, I buy Xrotor PRO 80A-HV ESC, but nothing on the specific motors. I’m tempted to have the guy print the parts with carbon filament plastic but from hearing the batterry heat, would probably melt the plastic to go along with the added weight.

All I found were the few PDFs in the GitHub that gave a little bit of info to buy but not much.that gave some of the components I should buy ( XRotor PRO 80A-HV ESC, etc) . Can anyone please point me to the link where it lays out the open source of how to build one of these?

In addition to above, what Rotors, Electric Motors, and anything else do I buy?

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You’re a baller thanks!

Hello there, Ivery been bouncing around the many chat going on in the frame category but I can’t seem to find any of the CAD or STL files for the frame. I’ve been reading alot of what you and GliderPilot have talking about and I wanted to reach out and see if I can get the files from you. Printing and milling I’ve got a set up for, all I’m missing is the files. Any help would be absolutely fantastic as I’ve been dreaming of owning one of these bad boys but I can’t seem to get any closer to it. Thanks again!!

Everything is suppose to be on GitHub