Right from Scratch DIY

What will the DIYer need to build from scratch - ie, minimum size cnc to cut frame pieces.
I figure I would make the investment in this and then I can cut the pieces for my brothers and nephews frames.
Maybe also some input on the 3d printer to make the throttle handle

You are probably going to want at least a 3 foot by 2 foot CNC for the gooseneck bars. Then for the arm hinges since the tolerances are much tighter you might have a hard time finding a quality CNC for less than 10k. You’re defiantly going to pay more per frame to cut your own even if your cutting say 5 full frames. If you are just doing it as a hobby and for fun then that’s cool, but if you are doing it to save money I wouldn’t recommend it as its going to cost you a least 3x as much.

What will be the required tolerances for the hinges?
I am thinking I can spec out a diy cnc for 3k-4k cdn that could do just about anything. Then I have a unit for my other hobbies.
The other option is to maybe just purchase the hinges as a separate entity - you were talking about the broken parts being more cost effective to replace on this unit so one would assume that the hinges will be available as a replacement part?

Cheers, Patrick

You might be able to find a sizable CNC machine at a local maker’s center near you. Just an idea.


Thx – I am going to dig deeper into it this later this fall.
Have a lot of expenses this spring / summer - just order new car Chevy Bolt - need new shed 2k$ - Making new camper for flying excursions 2k$
So my plan is to do a DIY router over this coming winter and make new Eppg in spring. I was kind of looking into it again, and as Paul hinted to, for my budget I might be only able to make something to cut the carbon pieces.
I also have a buddy that got laid off and he has been taking a retraining course in CNC over the winter - hoping he gets a job somewhere I can get the hinges made.

I also found a nice 5 axis for purchase 6kUSD
So Paul was right about the cost for purchasing a good enough unit - I should have known better than to second guess someone who can design such an awesome rig :flushed:

Cheers, Patrick

Did a little looking into cutting stuff – I am thinking the frame can be cut mostly by hand using a paper layout/template guides on top

The goose bars wont look as nice but will be solid - but could be done using a jigsaw for outline and a tabletop drill press for holes. Would not paint/anodize them either but might do a high gloss shine - love shiny aluminum!

Can do the carbon fiber cuts by hand with an inexpensive dremel or maybe a scroll saw set up.
A good vid of dremel cuttng :

Go slow and easy and it gets done - time consuming yes, but my time is free to me - instead of sitting around on the bad weather days watching movies, go in the garage and cut out some rigs parts or solder some wire :heart_eyes:

Cant do the hinges :disappointed_relieved: - so I am hoping these will be made available separately at a reasonable price or the other route is going none folding and just have solid blocks to attach to. Respectfully - LOVE the folding aspect, but less expensive, safe, light weight, reliable electric is more important to me at this time than a unit that folds - at the end of the day still got to feed the kids and put them through college.

I have not reviewed doing the outer cage yet - but that is what this Open stuff is about - finding cheaper, easier but safe ways of doing stuff like this. DIY baby!

Cheers, Patrick


I’m another DIYer here. I have my own machine shop at work for machining parts including CNC capabilities. I can run parts in tolerance +/- 0.010".

For someone in my situation, is it still advantageous to try DIY offsetting this upfront cost of the machine? I’m hoping I can try doing a machine for myself (keep the batches open for other people too!) and see how i can get my feet wet in this! I really want to try this and help give feedback on my experience.

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You are all set up and ready to go - I dont see why not. Unless you are super busy and making good coin then you may be better off going with buying the kit and put it together. Lots of factors to consider based on your own personal situation

Cheers, Patrick

I also want to do as much DIY as possible! for fun anto save some $$$ for spare battery packs!

I have a form 2 3d printer but would like to look into a makers space here in Montreal for cnc parts.

But first I need to convert my training from paraglider to Paramotor…

I’m planning to use a Form2 for the hinges to the bottom plate, because these don’t seem structural and it might actually be good if these broke in a crash instead of my carbon fiber arms/legs. But the hinges and the large side pieces will be 7075 aluminum for me.

There is the new glass fiber reinforced resin too, but yeah I was thinking I’d stick to non structural parts also for this! Perhaps the throttle also

Ordered a kit last night. I decided that I have too many projects on the go to worry about one more. Loved the idea of making my own CF frame right from scratch but like my appetite being bigger then my stomach,my mind tends to store more “can do’s” then I can physically do. Right now I have a a small camper trailer and a trike build siting on the side…house things to do…just too many things so I opted for a simpler, more direct solution.

In some cases it is just better to put the money up front and get to the the bigger enjoyment part sooner. I will have a little DIY’er sex putting it together but the best orgasm will be the the 1st launch with it. Just in case my wife reads this, the second best orgasm will be when I do my 1st launch with it :grin:

Best wishes to all.

TVRCBox, can you machine the hoop connectors out of aluminum at a good price? The kit connectors are 3D printed and are OK, but I would like aluminum ones (slightly longer, too) if it can be done.


Was reviewing 3D printers for my brother and came across this unit. I will revisit this when I go to do more units - my goal is make several units for family members - this hopefully will do the job of getting the CF cut to near spec.

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I actually built an MPCNC 750mmX 500mmY. I haven’t cut CF with it yet but some have had luck with thin steel sheets.
I designed a 2020 Aluminum extrusion version. i haven’t made the files public yet because i haven’t built and tested it. no sense in making it public if parts need to be adjusted. I find the round conduit to be a little too flexible at long lengths. I have cut oak pallet wood with it so far. i plan to try CF later this year.
the original costed me $600instead of $500 to build because i went with a quieter spindle instead of a dremel.

I wonder how much more stiff the conduit would be if one would put in expandable spray foam?
I know that CF foam forms add immensely to the CF strength.

Its worth a try the conduit is around $4-5 for 10ft. if something goes wrong or doesn’t help you wont loose out on much. Plus expanding or changing size is pretty cheap.
put a 5lb load on the center of your longest piece before using foam and measure the dip and again after.
The creator did update the files recently to make the center part more rigid. but my problem is the conduit making up the X rails flexing slightly while cutting.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to use a mid span support. i cant drill through the top to bolt it together as its a bearing surface, and fishing a nut trap to the center of a long tube seems like some level of insanity. So im going to try to epoxy the support to the bottom of the conduit and use screws to attach it to the table like the corner feet are. that way it can flex down or upwards.

For those that aren’t buying a CNC and are outsourcing the frame and hinges to a local manufacturer in a small one piece order…what materials do I need to buy.

I see I need to then buy…
+4 bonkas
+XRotor PRO 80A-HV ESC
+4 propellers

Why not just buy the kit? Will save you time and probably money as they bulk order probably for better prices then you could ever get with a one off order.

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agreed and logical point. I’m leaning towards an aluminum frame and I want to price it out first to actually see that it is cheaper and somewhat more durable hit at odd angles. I plan on taking it to Africa.

The manufacturer is a client of mine so it also adds to the relationship and he’s kind of excited. Plus I’m thinking of modding maybe with H fuel cells and am trying to hammer down the motor requirements. Rough calc shows 18.6lbs of fuel weight for 7840Wh with HES’ 20L tank on a 250 aerostak, which if you do just linear comps to Wh to time ratio would put it at 80 hours flight time. (3907Wh with 8 bonka 2200 6s = 40min flight time). Probably longer since you’re losing 20lbs with H fuel cell.

But not sure if feasible given where the hell am I going to refuel a hydrogen fuel cell in africa and if i can even take an empty tank of it on a plane.