BonkaPower Group Buy

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been talking to BonkaPower about the possibility of better pricing of their batteries if we place a single order all at once.

If anyone is interested then please let me know and I will start to get things underway.

As a starting point I would need Battery Capacity (16 or 22 amp), Number of Batteries, and a shipping destination (Country and State)


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I believe Paul is already in talks with them for bulk battery orders.

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Yep - Interested. Looking for 4 to land in Australia if there is a group buy going.
I know the guys are probably super-busy with the batch 2 order. Be great to hear a progress update as time permits.
Excited like it’s xmas in April…

I’m Pennsylvania USA. I’d buy at least 4 of the 22 amp Bonkas.

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I’d also be interested. Shipped here to uk. But how much for 1? It’s just so that I can work out how many I need!

Yep, I already have a list going of guys that want to get the Bonkas sent to them. If you’re interested please send me a PM and just state your name, address and number of batteries you want. We are just going to keep it consistent so the battery will be the 22000mah 6s 25c Bonka. I’m going to try to order tomorrow so whoever wants to be added to the list of needs to let me know today or early tomorrow. The rough price estimate is $220 a battery.

Once i get your name and address i will send a final price and you can make a choice then.


Lukas— are you Lukas on ES?

no. But I really dig his Neematic bike

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@Pdwhite, have you placed the Bonka order yet? You said you would get back to us with the final price but I never heard back from you so I just want to make sure you got my order. Thanks!

Hey Paul, same here, just wanted to make sure I’m in that list.

Is it too late to be part of this order? Interested in 4 to Australia

Sorry already got the prices will be sending out to the guys today just been out of town. @GliderPilot

I aminterested in banka buy. NC, USA

I got your email, I will be sending everyone the prices when I get back in town.


Hey Paul,
I would like 8 of the 2200’s. What email do I use for PayPal?

For the folks going with Bonka (I am too) does any have a source for those soft silicone covers? I saw some on hobby king but they are too small the Bonka 22000 is 1959166 mm.

@Pdwhite What charger should be used with these batteries? Maybe do a group buy for the chargers too?

this is the charger i have

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Good idea on the group buy, dpack. The Aliexpress website appears to be mostly in Italian, I could only get part of the description of it translated to English. I’ve never purchased from Aliexpress. Are there shipping charges?

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Click “Global Site” top right to go to English.