Best Battery & Charger Combo

Hi, just received my kit here in Australia - looks fantastic!, and now i need batteries and a charger.
i have zero experience with batteries of this size or charging. could someone please recommend a good battery and charger combination.
i have read about the Bonkas on this forum, and they seem to be a popular choice - it that a good solution. could someone please advise a newby. thanks in advance.

I would take a look here Chargers and Charging - #8 by Pdwhite, some people had similar questions.

This is the one I’ve been using and its been solid HTRC HT700 DUO AC/DC 1 8s Lion/LiPo Battery Charger 350W * 2 20A * 2 Dual Port 4.3 "Touch Screen Verticale Balance Charger Scaricatore|lipo battery|balance chargercharger discharger - AliExpress.
There are other options so feel free to ask question if you’re not sure about something.

Wow, that seems to be a massive overkill? How big is each batterypack your using. My Specialized Carbon Levo has a 504 Watt Hr battery & the charger is a simple wall charger unit ?

Hey WhitRockEPPG, I’m also in Brissy Aust & trying to get into stage 3 of purchase. It would be good to get all the Aussies together so we can source what we need. ?? Batteries :weary:


Most people are flying with a 12S2P setup of the Bonka batteries. That is about 2kWh of total capacity.

The charger, or powersupply, you posted, has an output of 168 watts. It would take 12 hours to fully charge a completely depleted pack for the openppg at such a rate.

Bottom line: lots of energy here! More than an ebike.