Battery questions

I bought (2) 30 min batteries. Why? the 1 hour is too heavy for this guy. When flying the 30 min. Battery what percentage
Will it cutoff.

When storing them how many volts are recommended.
I believe its 85%??


Don’t know about the cuttoff percentage since I have a different battery and hand throttle, you might find it here: SP140 - Battery low power cut off mechanism & thresold

The storage voltage of lithium is around 3.8v/cellx24 cells=91v.
-For long-term storage, storing at 40% battery capacity is best for maximizing the lifespan of the cells. For the SP140, 40% battery capacity is at roughly 86 volts.

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Thank you I have the 30 min batery 1 hour battery is too heavy.

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