Battery Leak (puncture) - source for a new cell?

My battery bag wasn’t zipped yesterday and I had a battery fall from the seat in truck to the floorboard (not very far). Must of hit a something because I found a puncture and it is leaking a yellow fluid that smells like nail polish remover. After I safely discharge in an ammo box I’ll take apart the pack and dispose of the damaged cell.

Any sources to purchase a single cell so I can rebuild the pack?

Paul said you can order individual cells. The tabs on the cells aren’t solderable though so you need another method.

I thought I read that a puncture into a live cell would allow oxygen in and start a fire. Maybe that only happens if you run amps through it?

I’ve seen a ton of youtube videos of punctured lipo batteries that burst into flames, I’m shocked this hasn’t and I hope it doesn’t. Be careful and let us know how it goes. Was this battery fully charged when it was dropped and punctured?

I’ve been running lipo’s for at least 10 years in my rc stuff. I’ve both accidentally and purposely punctured them, once I got a lot of smoke, but never flames (used a razor blade attacked to a long pole to do a deep puncture causing a serious short). The biggest danger is if they get shorted by the puncture, too many amps flowing through the electrolyte causes the fire.

To rebuild lipo packs I use a little spot welder.

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Yes it was fully charged, and I few it not noticing the puncture until after I was taking the batteries off. I think that when the batteries get hot, the fluid is more viscous and allowed it to leak. I was lucky!


I once had an RC quad battery and accidentally punctured one cell of it with a needle size steel bar (0.8 mm diameter). The cell got puffy the same day and I lost that cell mid air (voltage drop to 0,7V).
Another time a cell got puffy just while laying down in the box for storage.

Be VERY careful, man! I would suggest replacing punctured cell while it is still possible (unless the house is burned or it catches fire under load on pilot’s back).

If nothing else, at least keep it separately from other batteries in the concrete box outside of your house. Seriously.