Battery Connectors (Bonka and OpenPPG)

Hi all… I don’t know all these new-fangled battery connectors…

BOTTOM LINE: For those of us that have purchased the Bonka’s… do they have the right connectors (and lengths!) to immediately connect to the Batch 3 machines?

If not… can someone please identify the different connector types involved so that I can hunt down adapters?

Thanks for your kind assistance!

You should be good to go the connectors are xt150 and they are used on both the bonkas and the unit.

Fantastic! Thank you, sir!

Oh! I have not been paying attention – guess I should switch my bats over to xt150’s - I am haveing trouble clarifying – post a pic pls


and on the frame

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I have 4 Bonkas Batteries, is there any parallel or serial adapter I should buy to connect to openppg frame?

These are just cheaper to make yourself in my experience

Notice the red and black wires each have their own connector (they aren’t tied together). So, for serial connection you simply plug the black wire from one battery to the red of another.

In the picture above you’ll see two black and two red connectors and wires coming from the machine. These are the parallel connections for connecting up to two sets of batteries in parallel.

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I havent received my openppg yet, so I dont know how many cables or connectors does it have. So if I have 4 bonka batteries, I need to connect them in pairs via series and then connect them to the openppg? I guess no special adapters are needed? is that correct?

what about if I want to have six bonkas?

That is correct.

6 batteries would require another set of parallel leads to be wired into the machine. Are you building and wiring your own kit? It wouldn’t be to hard to add another pair of leads.

No, I purchased the already assembled unit, and I have no idea how to solder etc.

Hi everyone, quick question for you. I purchased the pre-assembled motor and right now I will be using two Bonka batteries. The paramotor has two red and two black batttery connections, if I connect the two batteries in series, does it matter which set of black and red wires I connect to on the paramotor and I’m assuming I just let the unused wires dangle? Also this is a batch 3 with two power switches on the frame, does it matter which one you turn on first? And if so, which one? Thanks for putting up with my questions.

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I tried that but it didn’t work for me. I put an Ohmmeter across the two red connectors and found that they were NOT connected to each other. Same with the black connectors.

I assume this means that two are for the left side, and two are for the right side…

When I put 4 batteries in, everything was fine…

HOWEVER… it was only when I put the 4 batteries in that I discovered that there are TWO power switches. Possibly this was the issue ( I only had one on)… but then again, the terminals don’t go to the same place, and I’ve not seed an official schematic of the machine yet… maybe someone knows where one is?

There is supposed to be a full video manual coming out soon that will give all details on battery setup, charging, etc.

@zjwhitehead @Pdwhite any update on this?

Yes the two switches split up the load. So one switch controls one set of motors and the other controls the other set.

Heres how i have my charger setup

Also a bit on the new controller
And a bit on batch 3 setup, its a rough video but i hope it gives some info theres a better one coming


Would something like the below be suitable replacement for the missing soft-links for attaching the biners/wing?

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Here is another option for hang straps.

You need to figure out how long you need them to work with your harness. This supplier has 7" (posted above) thru 11" (8" & 10" posted links below)

Any clarification on @Normandycoast comments. I’m at the point ready to hook up the batteries and turn the unit on for the first time and was curious about hooking up just 2 bonka’s to test but had the same question about their being 4 connections.

When hooking up all 4 batteries I was wondering if there is a matching pair for which red goes to which black connection once you have the 2 battery sets in series and you are ready to hook up the 4 available connections on the batteries with the 4 on the unit.

I’m assuming it doesn’t matter since there were no markings