Battery Box enclosure

Hi Guys

I’ve been away from the forum for a while.
I’m still looking for way to get all 4 Bonkas into a box that attaches neatly to the back of the frame.

Has anyone pulled this off yet?

Yes, check the thread “Dave UK kit”. He has access to materials and a machine to custom fabricate his battery box.

I’d love to see an official “standard” option made out of carbon fiber…

Me to!
Cheers, Patrick

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For an “official” box size do you guys want to see it hold 4-6-8 bats. If we make it so it hold 8 then there will be a lot of slop/wiggle room if you just use 4 bats, Thoughts?

I’d be fine with four.

4 Bonka’s appears to be what most people are using.

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4 batteries would be my preference maybe with the option to use two boxes. One mounted in the middle of the frame and one mounted low.

Wouldn’t it be great if the battery boxes could be designed so that they connect with each other? That way if a person wanted 2,4,6 or 8 batteries all they do is keep connecting more interlocking cases on.


I personally REALLY want the option to connect 8 so I can get that 40-50 min flight time. If you can make it so that less batteries can be secured in the box (velcro? snap in carbon fiber part?) for shorter flights, that’s a nice bonus.

A quick release mechanism for emergencies would make it perfect.

4 would be a good arrangement.

4 seems to be the most popular - I know I will use 8 some times but I had plan to do that only on a trike.
Cheers, Patrick

Has anyone here ever even flown with more than 4 Bonkas? If I added 25 more pounds of batteries I would need a bigger wing.

I like the way Dave did it with two 4 battery boxes:



I concur - very nice setup

Cheers, Patrick

Here is my Battery box…sits on angle alloy with location lugs and secured with a pair of one turn twistlock connectors


Hey All,
I bought this electric junction box off of Amazon for $28.
Batteries fit in perfectly.
It has 3 rubber plugs on all 4 sides.
Seller was AWclub
Waterproof dustproof elec junction project box.
12"X10"X4.8". 300mmX250mmX120mm
No motor yet.
Will share mount ideas when I get it.

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Nice find - good price!
Looking forward to seeing what you do
What they should have said was shipping worked into price and then some!!

Here’s same box almost half the price

Mod edit: Here’s the link (US Amazon)

Thats better!