Batch 6 is live

The X4 electric paramotor is now available to order.

Order link

We’re excited to announce the next release of the OpenPPG X4 electric paramotor. Batch 5 built on the success of batch 4 and even with the holidays and logistics speed bumps we were able to ship all the units with only minor delays. Batch 6 is looking to follow up on that success and will be shipping well before the summer flying season.

As the X4 has matured we have been increasingly focused on firmware improvements and maintaining consistent hardware. Batch 6 will see a few small hardware tweaks but will be backwards compatible with batches 4 and 5.

Check out some of the recent free upgrades for the OpenPPG X4 in the post below:

For batch 6 I’ll be testing cruise control and a few other optimizations :slight_smile:

The order window for the X4 closes January 29th and units are shipped out in the order they are received

Note: Just like batch 5 we removed the pre-built option for this batch since we want to continue working on developing and testing the SP140. There are a lots of great build guides and logs here on the forum for those of you on the fence about assembling it yourself. I have faith in you :stuck_out_tongue:

Also guys just a reminder that the SP140 is coming out in the spring.
So for those that want a ready-to-fly unit that is ready to go and is simpler to use, then the SP140 is probably going to be best for you.

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Hi Guys. Just before I pull the trigger and place an order can someone confirm the Max operating voltage of the Electronics.

I’d like to use at least 12S.


Yes same as before: 14S (60v)

Does anyone have advice on which harness to order . I’m 6 ft 2 180 . Can i get the unit and order the harness later for the same price directly or is there a discount as a package .

I’d recommend getting a large in either harness.
The choice of harness depends on your own preferences and if you value comfort over lightweight. I like the Dudek a bit more personally.

The pricing is the same if you order the harness with your PPG or separately.

Planning to switch to electric this year and the SP140 seems like a good match for my flying style, do you expect deliveries of the single prop in early or late spring? Also, will the firmware remain open source? I really like the ability to make upgrades and tweaks and willing to contribute.

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Yes, we are still planning on launching late spring for the SP140.

And thats right, the code will be open source. Our name is OpenPPG after all.


How are things going with the single prop unit? Is there a kit for sale date you can estimate?? :slight_smile:

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Any info on pricing for the SP140?

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Hi guys, I’ve been waiting for this and don’t want to miss it, but am curious about the SP140.

The nicer single prop sound, higher voltage and longer run time are definitely things I want! At the same time I like the lower cost / DIY and open source aspect of the X4.

Can you say roughly where the SP140 will be pitched, price-wise? And the battery?


We are planning on making it available for $6,999 including the prop, battery and harness.

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What is the battery lipo?

Custom pack of Li-ion 18650 cells

Wow… If it lives up to your specifications I think you are going to sell a lot of those at that price point. I hope you’re ready!

the price is very high. higher than previous eppg series available on the market.

I haven’t seen a ready-to-fly ePPG unit available in the US for less than $10,000 (other than the X4).


As to the sp140 price . Aviation is never going to be cheap , even so the way to make a fortune in aviation is to start with a larger fortune. Lots of work to develop and make this stuff . They would make far more money with less liability doing something else.


That’s about what I was expecting. To be honest, it’s not that much of a premium considering the improvements. If the specs and the price remain true… I’m in!