Batch 3 expected delivery


Hi @Pdwhite,
now that we are a few days into September, and the possibility to purchase a Batch 3 Kit was closed on August 1st, would you have an estimate for us, as to when you think delivery of batch 3 could possibly start?


I was wondering when as well!
I am not expecting a day/date.
Just the name of the month would make me happy!


Up vote :blush:

Just got my ozone wing from the openPPG group buy and can’t wait to get my batch 3 order!! Super excited


I’m betting on having the kits shipped out by the end of the month. One of the factory’s I use had some massive flooding so we are just getting that back on track. Happy kiting in the meantime @dpack


Thanks @Pdwhite! Appreciate the update


It is what it is - good things are worth waiting for. :heart_eyes:


@Pdwhite; Hi Paul, early September you aimed for delivering the kits end of that month. We are now into November. How does it look at the moment? And will you ship out the kits first and then the complete sets? This gives you some space in your storage and we all can build our sets parallel in time with you :slight_smile:
I think with batch 2 you did it the other way around?


Looks like batch 3 will be delivered at the end of November (hopefully!)