Batch 3 expected delivery

Yes, some tech porn pls :kissing_heart:

Thx, but I would not like to wait for Batch4 :wink:
Can somebody of the team write me a message, so we can sort it out, please?
I’m afraid the ppg could be sent back because I can’t pick it up from the post office.

We are just making sure all the code works now and confirming the fit to the new controller cases. Kit will start being sent out tomorrow.


Please send me a private message if your asking me a question.

OOHHHH YEAHHHH!!! :laughing:

Christmas update: :gift:
Firstly I hope everyone has a great holiday with friends and family.
Paul and I have had extra time to focus on OpenPPG over the last few days so we are finally back and humming along.
Since the controller boards arrived a few days ago I was able to make some last minute firmware improvements and we performed some test flights with the latest code. The new boards are great to work with and definitely save time fitting them in their cases vs batch 2.
On the frame and motor side we have been ready to go so now we are simply going through all of the orders and packaging up to resume shipping when the post office opens back up on the 26th. :tada:

We’re still working on the updated video tutorial and should have that available shortly after shipping batch 3

As we add more features and options we want to make it as easy as possible to update your OpenPPG firmware. Since the weather hasn’t lead to much flying I’ve been working on an open source firmware updater so that you can simply plug the controller into your computer via USB and update. Currently there are a few downloads required including the Arduino IDE that can be cumbersome unless you plan on writing custom code. Features like cruise control will be coming later and will require an update so stay tuned.

It goes without saying but we at OpenPPG are so grateful and excited for this community. We’ve made great strides this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your continued support and feedback.

As always we'll be hanging around the forums here so dont be shy if you have any questions or concerns. Also feel free to DM either me (@zjwhitehead) or @Pdwhite for specific questions about your order.

Are the firmware updates compatible with batch 2 controllers and do you recommend we update?

Right now there aren’t any major changes for the batch 2 controllers so no need to update. Since a second button was added to the batch 3 controller any future feature updates will need some slight tweaking. We plan to support batch 2 controller updates with the OpenPPG updater app.

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great news!
I am impatiently waiting on my batch 3 now, getting more and more excited every day.

Just a quick question, what did you decide in the end, regarding the cw / ccw threaded nuts on the motors - referring to this:

and did you make any changes to the switch, which caused some issues on one or the other batch 2 openppgs ?

The CCW threaded stuff is not necessary with the new prop standoffs, they also have new groves cut to grab the props and keep them from slipping. As for the switches all the kit now come with two if people want to split up the power draw and all pre-built units come with two switches. That seems to be the best solutions, i still haven’t had any problems with one switch but two should really insure not problems.

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I will then use the two switches with @GliderPilot’s “pre-charge” knob modification:

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Is it possible to buy a retro fit kit for those in batches 1 and 2 who did not get the two switches and the also the grooved prop hubs?

Sure just shoot me an email.

Are all batch 3 shipments already made? I’m nervous as if Santa Claus is coming.:laughing:

The kits started getting shipped out yesterday.

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Can you post a picture of the new prop standoffs? Would be interested in getting them for my batch two PPG as well.

Just wanted to say thank you for the shipping update and Christmas greetings!!!
I truly appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting into your business and this project!
Cheers and Blue skies to everyone in 2019!


Sorry for the slow reply, here’s a picture of the new standoffs next to the old style. It is now one solid CNC piece and has extra grooves to keep the prop from slipping.


I don’t think I’ve ever been as desperately waiting for the mail to arrive…


I appreciate the post.
Can’t fly much in Pa. this time of year
But it is nice to know that there will be a big box on the deck soon!