Attatchment of batteries to frame

Hey, came back from holidays and BOOM V3 has arrived already! Good work guys.
Now, I need to attach batteries (bonkas).

In the V3 package I did not see any attachment straps or something that could be used.
So I guess I have to do it by my self. Could any one of you provide some pictures and maybe parts you have used for a secure attachtment?

Thanks a lot!

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I use regular 1 inch velcro straps. And some velcro adhesive to the batteries. see pic

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Thanks for the pic.

Heres how I attached mine its a detachable box that hold four batteries

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@grassyellow could you show in more detail or explain your connection/disconnection mechanism?
I see that round silver part in the upper right corner, but I can’t identify it :slight_smile:

0 Hi Etienne
they are called omega clamps used in stage lighting for hanging lights quarter turn to connect or release

Hi Dave (@grassyellow)

I found these online in Germany:

Seems to be the exact same product. However I am asking myself how you modified these so that they would fit your case and openPPG carbon plate.

Did you take the A-shaped (sort of) thick black piece of metal away completely, or did you cut it apart ?

If possible at all, could you take a close picture of how you used those omega clamps on your OpenPPG? :slight_smile:

And also: is it 100% secure, and sure, that this won’t open mid-flight?

just noticed… I could have also said “omega-shaped” :slight_smile:

Looks like you have to depress the spring to get them to unlock, looks pretty good.

that’s the point, I don’t see a spring!

Also just found this on ali express. That’s the stuff that I probably need - without the actual “omega”-piece:

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a lot better price as well :grinning:

looong shipping time though.

this is 100x the price, but apparently german engineering:

probably a bit overkill, as the carbon plate and the bracket that I am planning to use are most likely much thinner than the plates in the video.

here’s the product page:

I am going to keep going here… been googling all over…

what do you think about this:!prettyPhoto

youtube video here:

spring loaded - I am liking that a bit more!

I’m using aviation camlocs.

awesome, thanks!

I also found this:

Hi Etienne
yes those are the correct connectors…you don’t need the thick alloy part the turn bolts can be removed by taking off a clip on the under side you will also need the reciepticle part that is fixed to the ppg frame
I have added some pics that show the clips closer and the bottom bracket onto which the box sits and also the underside of the box

yep they look like a better buy…just got to get the spacing right to get the correct pressure
so they go on with a secure click

the springyness is from the two shaped washers when pushed together

Lots of options with camlocs !