Assembly Instructions and/or step-by-step video

I just received my X4 batch 6. I am a little dismayed that there were absolutely no assembly instructions, reference materials, or even a single page of info identifying assembly instruction resources.

Can anyone please direct me to the most thorough written and/or video assembly guides available.

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Hi Jeff.
The X4 is definitely a DIY machine. There is a guide of sorts in these forums.

Several people, including myself, have documented our builds here as well. The X4 is more of a community of enthusiasts kit than a commercial product.

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Welcome to our little piece of the world of aviation.

I am also starting on my X4 batch 6. These forum links have been the most help so far:

[OpenPPG 22 v3.1 Build Video] (OpenPPG 22 v3.1 Build Video (part 1) - YouTube)
[Greg’s Batch 4 build] (Greg's Batch 4 build, maintenance, repairs, upgrades)

And especially the link to another builder’s photos in the latter. There seem to have been running design changes to the kits and material mismatch / shortages (mainly fasteners) have happened.

I’m just starting on the wiring.

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Thank you, all for the great info! I’m looking forward to getting the X4 assembled. My 4 bonkos arrived today… the 7S type. Now, I’m wondering as to what is the best charger to get for them.