Amp spikes in ESC telemetry data

Hey everyone - I am logging all the telemetry data to my phone for every flight and noticed that I sometimes get Amp spikes in my logged data. As you can see at 11:09 in the graphic when I eased of the throttle (Orange line), the wattage (yellow line) shortly spikes up to 50kW which is obviously inaccurate. Maybe someone knows what causes this and or if this can be a concern for the esc or really just wrongly measured data.

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Probably some EMI(electromagnetic interference) from esc mosfets.

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Which app is that?

It is custom. I bricked the original throttle somehow and made a simple throttle here: A Simpler Throttle - #16 by jerix

Because it had no screen I offloaded altitude and telemetry information to a custom app I made. But it only displays the information it gets via ble from the throttle. The throttle uses the same code to deserialize the telemetry data as the SP-140 throttle for the ESC 2.0.
All other values seem completely normal only Amp and thus the wattage values spike sometimes