3D printed parts service

I’d like to put purchase some of the 3D printed parts on the forum namely the hoop cage connectors, the rail system for the batteries, the stoppers for the legs as well as the 4 wire hubs that house the bolts. I live in Hawaii and would be willing to pay for the cost of shipping labor and materials. I just want to see the dough go somewhere closer to home that’s all.

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I could do it since I’m the one that designed all those parts. I live in Utah. I’ll PM you about the details.


Paul (GliderPilot) made me some awesome 3D printed parts for a fair price. They came very well packaged and work perfectly. Thank you Paul!


Hi Everyone

I have been following the many posts on this forum and am very impressed.
Thanks to all for your contributions.

I have been paragliding for many years and got into PPG with a 4 stroke Bailey about 7 year ago (not a
2 stroke fan). I’ve been waiting for an electric machine since the nineties and am happy to invest in this platform. Looking forward to modifying this unit as technology improves - I have a strong electrical background.

I have ordered a Batch 6 unit just recently and am looking to assemble April/May.
Many of Paul’s (GliderPilot) mods seem necessary to me, although I do not know if any are incorporated in batch 6.

I am tempted to buy a 3d printer (Prusa), but it will cost about $1800 here in Australia - our dollar is making everything difficult. I have 2 kids so time is also precious so am in two minds. Using online printers seemed costly and was pushing me towards buying my own printer, or was it the new toy drive again… :slight_smile:

I saw that Paul manufactured some items for others, would that be something @GliderPilot would consider for me?

Some mods I thought were important -

Pre-charge switch
End Stop
Electrical connection covers
Batterey rails (4x 7s Bonkas) - have these proved sturdy and effective?
Arm latches.

Looking forward to your opinion.


Adelaide - Australia.

Recommendation: Consider a Prusa Mini, Cetus 3d or any other good print quality small volume 3d printer, none of the parts is that big. A Prusa Mini should be closer to AUD 600.

Thanks @panaghis, initial sourcing has the Prusa mini over $900 still.
I will consider.

International shipping can get quite pricey… I am in the US. I could print what you need but you could probably find a local shop and save on shipping.

The arm latches are now standard but I believe they are PLA and will distort if left in the car in the sun. I use PETG.

The only problem I’ve had with the battery rails is the zip ties breaking. They are rated at 100 lbs so they should be plenty strong. I’ve only had to replace a few and I’ve never had two break at once on the same battery (probably unlikely).

Watch some of the YouTube reviews on the Creality printers. Several of my friends have them, and they make beautiful prints. The CR-10 series may be the best value available.

Cheers for the replies.
Yes the Creality units are cost effective. Leaning towards an Ender-3Xs Pro - upgraded main board and both glass and magnetic deck. Under $400 AU, nice entry level price.

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have the CR-10S PRO. works great once the first layer is down. finicky getting the leveling right and have to do it more often than I thought. Coming from the Robo3d printer, this is one is amazing and would buy again.

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Yep got the Ender 3 Pro, arrived with a damaged Z-axis which delayed things for awhile.
Tried various software and finished upon PrusaSlicer which has an Ender profile onboard which worked fine.
Definitely worth spending the time at the beginning to get levelling right and experience the effects of nozzle temperature, bed temperature and speed on the outcome.
Here are my first go at things - the black is PETG and the red is PLA+.

cheers again for the advice.

Just waiting now for my Batch 6 - not a short process from US via Covid to Aus…

Did you upload the 3D models of the rail system to GitHub?
I have a 3D printer now, and would be interested in printing them at home.

All of my files are on my thread:

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Hey Paul, is it still possible to get the price of the 3d parts that’s your printed, I’ve got a batch2. See what you can provide for me for that unit. Interested in the hoop connector, battery rail (using 4x6s), motor arm locks. Please let me know what it’ll cost.
Thank you.