20,000 mAhr 6S x 4 = 48V @ 20 Amps

Multistar High Capacity 20000mAh 6S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack w/XT90


I have several years of experience with these 5,200 mAhr 6 S.

The 20,000 batteries weigh 23 lb. Not too shabby,


The Bonka batteries we use are 22 AH and have more than double the C rating (25C vs 10C) and only cost a little bit more. I would advise against using only 10C.

10c continuous rating is 200 A. How much are the Bonkas? I used el cheapo Walmart starter booster batteries on my bike for over a year and they refunded all of my purchase price when they failed.


I have also used reclaimed laptop 18650’s that I soldered
to make batts. There was a learning curve for soldering them.

The C rating is often hyped up. OpenPPG uses 300 amps. Checkout this post I made the other day:

Thanks for the data. My 10 A Multistars are cool to the touch after 15 miles running my bike’s 1,000 Watt motor at 48 V. I never felt warm cells. With a 40 Amp battery pack, 10C may not strain them. Certainly at or near the same cost, Bonkas are the way to go. OTOH, I have found many Hobby King discounted batteries that are hard to beat.