XCE-CONTEST new site for all EPPG worldwide


everyone who loves flying with eppg can post their best flights with links to the server. more information will follow. Best regards. ps. it is time that the electric flight gets its areas to show what is possible :slight_smile:


I hereby say goodbye to openppg. it was a good time, many people with know-how or the will to build eppg were here. the moderation was excellent. honest and open! I myself have my future focus only on xc-thermik eppg or performance e-trike for competitions. I wish everyone who is electrically safe all the best and remains safe in the selection of the material. maybe you will see the next few years at world cups. I promise you I’m there :slight_smile:

Cool, I sent a request to join.

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Hey Thomas / @bratwurst,
I absolutely appreciate your effort and the details you share (on youtube and facebook) about what you tested and invent. Really great stuff!

It looks like you plan to setup an XCE-Contest page similar to XContest.org and have Facebook in between.
Did I understand that correctly (based on your schematic from 2020-07-22)?

Why would you re-invent the wheel when it comes to a E-PPG XContest?

XContest which is well established around the world. They should be able to add a E-PPG category as spin-off from the Paramotor section with no effort. I just asked them to do so (any support is very welcome!). Ideally we match it to the established FAI Microlight and Paramotor Commission (CIMA) categories (RPF1E, RPF2E, RPL1E, RPL2E) right away to avoid any mixups as splitting up usually does not help.

Besides that I really like the idea of having a public page of E-PPG flight records as it will help us to truly understand where we are performance wise and answer quite some “How long?”, “How high?”, “How far?” … questions with flight logs (IGC files) rather than optimistic vendor specs, lore and video snippets.
+1 to “show what is possible” (as in: prove it!) :slight_smile:

hello, thanks for the nice words. in order to get different classes in a list it is necessary to create a separate page. xcontest is only one page for the basic category of foot start or trike. you shouldn’t mix thermal flights with an e-motor and pure motor flights without thermal. as an example: armin harich flies at only 2 kw / h for 7 hours or sailer franz for 6 hours. an average pilot with eppg flies 30 minutes. xconstst is good as proof because you can upload it there or all other igc servers are just as good. if someone is interested in electro he wants to see everything that happens in the world. he doesn’t have the time to search all igc servers in the world for electric flights. there is also no communication with xconstest. hence the way with facebook where communication is very possible. more information in the explanatory video. regards

I have dealt intensively with fai classes and made inquiries. this is an opportunity for large corporations to have something confirmed there. for small groups like ppg and eppg impossible due to the financial and time expenditure. the associations in germany and austria do not support any electrical projects either. the associations believe that only pilots who have set world records in pg for years can fly. mostly no real pilots work for the fai or associations. They are pure office employees with training in economics, office work, etc.

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