X4 Swingarm bolts/design

Been reading on the FB Paramotoring page a few people have had the swingarm bolts wear and fail. The bolds on the X4 arms definitely seem a bit small to take any shear loading and hinge wear. However it seems the X4 swingarm design is such that there would not be any wear or shear loading on the bolts. I don’t wanna take mine apart just to satisfy myself that this is the case, and I can’t find any closeup pics. Anyone have good pics of the X4 swingarm mounts? Or should I take mine apart and check them (around 20 hours on them now) for wear.

Here’s some pics from the website. You can see that the smaller bolt is really just to hold everything in place and isn’t a wear concern. The load goes though the thicker arm material

Yup. Thank you. That’s what I thought but it feels good to see it again. :smile:

Google Photos

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