X4 Props will not spin with thumb plunger press

This had been working the past. The system has been sitting for a couple of months. I have some batteries that I wanted to try out. I plugged in the batteries. Turn on the power switch. Arm the system with the double click.
Press the thumb plunger - Nothing. The motors do not spin up.
To troubleshoot, I accessed the wiring and verified that all the connections (power and signal) where not loose.
I created a video of the problem. In this process one press of the thumb plunger caused the motors spin up but I couldn’t repeat this success.

What version (batch #) is it?
What’s the voltage of that new battery?
Tried it with your old batteries?

Sorry for silly questions but the battery is what got changed. It didn’t die sitting there.

Did you see or smell any magic smoke? I.e. burning electronics. Good news is it seems the motors and motor controllers are all good.

I’m not sure of the version. I bought it from Paul. I didn’t know enough at the time to ask. It does have the 6-14s ESC. The new batteries were ones that I just assembled (and were looking to test): 2p14s for a total of 50 volts (LG NMC Pouch Cells LGX E71A).
I used 2 12v automotive batteries in series for 24V when it was working in the past. While I haven’t gone back to the 2 lead acid 12v batteries, I did try to remove two of the four for a 2p7s 25v configuration. It had the same non working result.

No toasted electronics.

I’ll try the lead acid batteries next to isolate my assembled batteries.

Many Thanks for the suggestions Greg.

I opened up the hand unit and pulled off all the black tape to expose the solder connections. I verified each wire circuit board to kit connector - all good. I also verified the function of the POT with an ohm meter.
In the disassembled state, I made another attempt. SUCCESS. It’s working. So I’ll put it all back together and see what happens.

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While I don’t know what the problem was, fully assembled it functions normal. Case Closed.

I hate it when something works when i think it shouldn’t, worse than if it doesn’t work when I think it should.

Maybe there was a loose connection somewhere that’s been reconnected. Or perhaps the pot’ contact was dirty and you disloged that bit of gunk or ?? insulating it internally.