X4 propeller adapter


I lost a propeller on my last X4 flight. The thread of the propeller adapter came apart. Where can I order the parts? With how many Newton meters must the nut be tightened?



yikes! Any idea why that happened? Over torqued?
I tightened mine to 23nm which is just about 17ft lbs. I have a two foot torque wrench. Grabbed the motor braced my arm against the propeller and swung the wrench until the needle approached 20. Repeated for the other three. So far they’re good. The only one showing any slippage at all was one that slapped a loose battery strap. The resulting line on the back of the prop from slippage is barely visible (the strap damaged it but I repaired that). I didn’t retorque it and it has not slipped further since. One thing I’ve done is to apply white nailpolish enamel to the nut and bolt and washer so I can tell in pre-flight if one has loosened even slightly.

Are you missing a couple of standoffs in that motor arm or did you intentionally not install any past the motor mount?

I bet they could be bought directly from the MAD motor company or possibly from OpenPPG.

It’s super easy to destroy the threads on these prop standoffs. I try to take my props off as little as possible. Been through a few standoffs due to thread failures. If you overtighten it will destroy threads for sure and it’s hard to know when is too tight as you have to hold the motor while tightening. I’d love to see new stand-offs for the x4 allowing us to install carbon fibre props with screws instead of the single nut design.

Thank you for your answers, at the moment neither MAD EU nor the colleagues from OpenPPG are answering. Is there a phone number? Greetings Martin

MAD components mostly distributes through Alibaba. They have always responded quickly when I have contacted them through Alibaba and I have bought through them before and everything worked out great.

How is the correct “Product name”?