X4 Problem to start motorpower

Dear all,

my X4 does not release the engine power… Switching to “armd” is more of a coincidence… Is it a cable break or the handle? Who can help?



Possibly share a video of the problem. That will help pinpoint the issue.

I had the cam running on the tripod at dingolfing. it made a lot of pip pip pip pip. in all honesty … i would use a completely new system or completely redesign everything. to start without being sure that everything works is not good in man-carrying aviation. sooner or later it will lead to disaster, maybe even when preparing on the ground if the drive accelerates itself. i mean well.

A short video of the problem of batch 2…

Any ideas?

Ooh, been there, done that.

The one that ended up working for me was to unplug the controller screen. Then I could arm/disarm. Ended up replacing the screen with an identical one and all is well now.

Also check the cable between the controller and the hub. I would recommend you take a very small screwdriver or pin and make sure each of the pins in the connectors are seated and connected to both the hub and the controller.

Good luck!

Thank you, disconnecting the control display helped. I can activate the X4 again!!!

All the best